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When Dante Durant once more appears in Samantha Trey’s life, it is again to manipulate and use her. However this time Samantha knows what is going on and is determined not to allow the charismatic and gorgeous Greek to play with her heart as he did when they first met.

“So you are now working for my father.........let me guess the two of you concocted this little blackmail and if I play ball and find some good little boy who will knock me up with his beloved grandchild, you don’t produce the other set of books”.
Her voice dripping with disdain
“You are half right” he had replied softly
“But you know fine well I would never work for your father.........this was all my idea”.

Blackmailed into a marriage to the one man she had ever loved she must protect her heart and also the secret she keeps which keeps the hatred for him burning deeply within her. But will she really be able to walk away from him again as she had so many years ago, and will he let her.

November 12
Lulu Enterprises, Inc.

Customer Reviews

89Lilone ,

Good Story

This author has written books that really tell great stories. This story was good and the characters draw you in and keep you wanting more. So with that being said I have read most of her books. The problem is she needs to proofread, edit, re-edit and proofread again. She takes away from the story when a reader has to edit the paragraph or sentence before continuing to read on. This is the case with most authors today, they want to put a story out for the readers so fast that they do not take the time to check their work. Self publishing and branding is a great thing but missing steps takes away the readers wanting more no matter how great the story is when you have to do most of the work to read a book.

Crystalynn_x ,

Aww ❤️

I loved this story. So many emotions came out throughout the book. Defiantly worth buying 👌

PSemones ,

Sweet romance

I loved all the twist and turns. Couldn't put it down.

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