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When Mia Jones yells at Drake Trent for what he says to her sister, the billionaire is bowled over by the beautiful spit fire. He decides there and then that she will be his mistress, but he has not ever come across a woman like Mia, who not only resists his advances but demands that he leave her alone.

Mia Jones has more things on her mind, the last thing she needs is for some rich man to expect her to fall willingly into his bed. However, she needs to keep her job as an exotic dancer, and when her boss, the slimy Jake Brown invites her to his home for a party, she finds herself in the ideal position to help her sister. Only is there more to his invite than she has been told, and is Drake Trent really the type of man she believes him to be

September 7
Lulu Enterprises, Inc.

Customer Reviews

adagneau ,

Not bad..

The poor grammar made it hard to read, but if you can get past the first 50 or so pages it gets easier to read and the story isn't bad.

PurpleElfIsAboutToDie ,

Did the editor go on vacation?

Surprisingly I liked this book. The story was cute and not over complicated and the characters were likeable if a little two dimensional. I know my review is scathing but most of the writing disasters just made me laugh. (Lines like: "feelings of love for him making her head spin with that love") But at $1 I probably shouldn't complain. That being said, reading this was a little tedious. This book needs major editing to make it easy to read. The run-on sentences were literally full paragraphs and the phrasing was often confusing. Most of the book was written in past tense which I find extremely annoying. (She had looked, they had eaten, he had said, etc.) Then every few pages it changed to present tense for a sentence or two. Seeing as I laughed more than groaned at this book it was worth the $1 I paid for it and I'll give it 3 stars. Hopefully the authors writing and/or editing improves as her plot and characters were fun.

bshortyjones ,

Great read!

Another great book!

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