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A night of seduction and pleasure in exchange for vital information.

Caro never should have consented to such a foolish agreement.

Now she’s on the run for her life with the very being who put her at risk.

Sethios saw Caro as a challenge to be conquered.

Something new to play with, to pass the time.

But their mutual arrangement created a consequence neither of them anticipated.

For the seer knows all.

She predicts the future.

And her newest prophecy changes everything.

How far will Caro and Sethios go to protect their destiny and the fate of their unborn child?

Author Note: Blood Bonds is a prequel to the Immortal Curse series. There are significant series related spoilers in this novel, therefore it is listed as book 5. However, it still provides a unique introduction to the world and could technically be read first. It would just provide early answers to some of the burning questions raised in books 1-4.

September 10
Ninja Newt Publishing, LLC
Alexandria Foss

Customer Reviews

Yany84 ,

Wonderful Series

Thank you so much to Lexi for creating this wonderful world of Immortal Curse Series.

Amy Waugh ,

Loved Sethios and Caro!

Holy sh—! I absolutely love this series, it is one of my favorites ever! Blood Bonds gives us the story of Caro and Sethios, Stas’ parents. Technically this is a prequel but I would read the first four books before picking this up. We get some answers, a new man to swoon over (Sethios), a new man to hate (Osiris) and enough emotion to leave you useless for days. As always Lexi has surpassed my expectations and given me a beautifully written story and characters.

SirabiRose ,

All the Feels!

While this book comes out as book 5, it is also a prequel for the series in a way. If you’ve followed the series so far, you see the start of one character, and motives for others that you know already. It serves as a very emotional, fulfilling, and delicious flashback for returning fans, but an insightful, impactful, and emotional introduction for those new to this world. Resplendent with world-building, the story drew me in from the start. Though I know and love the characters, I can honestly say I come out the other end of the story with my mind thoroughly blown.

Sethios and Caro… A pairing that shouldn’t work, shouldn’t exist, and yet they are drawn to each other from the very first time Sethios spots Caro in his club. She’s an angel, he’s an “abomination” and in her mind never the two should mix. But something is at work and even the unexpected and unacceptable create intrigue that draws them both to explore each other. Can he cause an angel to feel? Can she cause an ancient being to find excitement in one place?

This is not a story of happily ever after. This is a story of “happy for now” with an ending that begs for answers to yet so many more questions. The story kept me drawn in from start to finish, and ran me through the gamut of emotions. I had to keep reading to find out what happened next. After the tears from the ending dried, the one question that remains is “What happens next?”

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