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Book three of Last of the Shardyn

Only scattered groups of exhausted heroes remain…

Veteran police chief Skip Walkins has really done it this time. After crossing realities to fight the onslaught of the Drynn, the spawn of the Underworld, he's one of only a few motley survivors of an epic massacre. By his blood, he's sworn to unite with Shardyn Knight Gavin Blackburn against the armies of Asmodeous the Pale, Lord of the Underworld and ruler of the Drynn. The two must seek resistance fighters wherever they can—even in Vambrace, among those who killed Gavin's father.

Reformed sociopath Donovan Smith has traveled to Vambrace for his own reasons—the new voice in his head claims that there he will learn how he came to be the Antimage, impervious to the deadliest magical attacks.

Donovan's secrets may hold the key to defeating the Drynn, but they may upset the delicate alliance of the Blood Sworn in the process. And if Skip and Gavin can't fight together as one, the Drynn will attain total victory over Earth and its magical twin, Theia.

See how the forces of the Underworld were unleashed in Drynn and Through the Black Veil.

137,000 words

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
July 28
Carina Press
Harlequin Digital Sales Corporation

Customer Reviews

Imasinger0405 ,

Solid conclusion

I really enjoyed reading blood sworn. This trilogy really pulled me in to the world of Theia. The imagery and emotional connection to the characters was very well written. I do wish that there was a fourth book, but hey maybe someday we'll get one.

Rdubesq ,

A little rushed but a good conclusion.

Solid finale to the trilogy. The author bit off a bit more than he could really chew because the world he crafted was so wide ranging in its scope and approach....demons, Druids, elves, Rome, mammoth people, vampires! The result was that everything was a little rushed and a lot of the story got short shrift...it was like he really needed a much longer book or a fourth. Nonetheless, highly readable and entertaining, even if it was a little over-edited in parts.... Again, would be 4 stars except for the multiple places where words are entirely missing or wrong that interrupt the flow of what is otherwise a good read.

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