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Book two of Last of the Shardyn

A dark god, a police chief and four knights walk into a portal…

Ex-commando and Montana police chief Skip Walkins's life just got a whole lot worse. The malevolent god Asmodeous the Pale has escaped to Earth's magical twin, Theia, where he plans to release his underworld minions and enslave mankind. Skip, in a fit of unwise bravery, follows.

He ends up allied again with Gavin Blackburn and the Shardyn Knights. Desperate to warn the Theians about Asmodeous, the Knights don't blink at crossing a sky-high mountain range and battling a legendary necromancer to do so.

The thing is, nobody wants to listen to the Knights' tales of dread. Immersed in a magic-fueled tournament for immortality, the Theians give Gavin and Skip a motley crew of mismatched warriors to lead against all the fury of the underworld.

And if Gavin and Skip can't stop Asmodeous, both Theia and Earth will be doomed.

See how the struggle began in Drynn.

126,000 words

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
November 25
Carina Press
Harlequin Digital Sales Corporation

Customer Reviews

Imasinger0405 ,

Really loved this book!

I really enjoyed reading this book. After the first book, I couldn't wait to start this one. Vera did not disappoint. The world of Thiea was so beautifully described. I loved the world and the characters.

Rdubesq ,

Solid follow up to Drynn

Solid sequel to Drynn. Wide ranging in its scope and approach....demons, Druids, elves, Rome! Highly readable and entertaining, even if it was a little over-edited in parts.... There were clearly some cuts made that went a little too deep. Would be 4 stars except for the multiple places where words are entirely missing or wrong that interrupt the flow of what is otherwise a good read.

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