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To unlock his past, it’ll take more than a little bit of luck…

What has Joanna Wilcox gotten herself into? She needed an extra hand to fix some broken fences on her alpaca farm, and her cousin sent someone over to help. Now she can’t seem to take her eyes off that “someone” — those capable hands, those ice-blue eyes…not to mention the way he fills out his jeans.

Randall Lenz, ex-government agent and brand-new warlock, should be the last man to send that tingling sensation across Joanna's skin. But when he won’t take payment for the work, she finds herself offering the next best thing: a home-cooked meal.

The Wilcox clan took Randall in when a lightning strike awakened his power, and he plans to repay their kindness by living a quiet life…which means not getting involved with a Wilcox witch. But Joanna’s offer of a hot meal isn’t the only thing making his mouth water.

One kiss ignites the need they’ve both been trying to ignore, but their relationship is barely off the ground when Randall disappears — and Joanna suspects it’s more than a case of cold feet. It’s a secret that proves lightning does, indeed, strike twice….

Note: This novel takes place approximately three months after the end of A Wheeler Park Christmas. It’s the sixth book in the series but can stand on its own.

October 18
Dark Valentine Press
Joy Sillesen

Customer Reviews

timmi r. ,

Loved the characters

I love knowing what happens to Randall Lenz, one of my favorite characters from the Wheeler Park series. Christine Pope has created other interesting characters whose stories I’d like to discover.

IAGram ,

Love wins

This review is of Blood Ties by Christine Pope. It is the sixth book in the Witches of Wheeler Park series.
I received an advance copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. Note: this review contains spoilers!
If you are at all interested in books about witches and warlocks then surely you have read one of Christine Pope’s book. She is one of the queens of the field and she doesn’t disappoint in this new book!
Joanna Wilcox is your normal weather witch and obviously part of the Wilcox clan. She didn’t grow up a Wilcox but on an Indian reservation with her mother so she’s not as close to the rest of the clan as most.
Randall Lenz is not a Wilcox. He didn’t even know he was a warlock until a few months ago. He has done what he can to undo the bad things that happened in the previous books in the series and the Wilcox clan has taken him in and given him a stipend. But he still feels that he doesn’t fit in.
Then they meet each other. And the attraction they feel turns into rockets when they kiss. The famous witch knowledge of your one true love has kicked into high gear and the 2 outsiders aren’t alone anymore.
Nice story, right? But it doesn’t end there! Randall is kidnapped and taken to New York where he finds out who his birth mother was and that he has around fifty-five million dollars in inheritance. But all he really wants is Joanna. And Joanna wants Randall. So in a convoluted way that only who he’s could pull off, she goes to New York in search of him.
The following is a beautiful story full of love, hope, redemption, and family. And making the bad guys pay.
I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

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