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Tara Thompson cannot be injured. Since the night her parents died in a tragic accident, she hasn’t felt pain of any kind, not so much as a papercut. And she has no idea why. Though her body healed quickly, her heart and soul took its time. Luckily, a loving foster mom and an unwanted best friend stepped in to speed up the process. Despite Tara’s best efforts, her new BFF, Shelly Smith, just wouldn’t go away. By their senior year, the girls were thick as thieves and would probably become thieves if Shelly had anything to say about their future.
Thankfully, fate intervenes in the form of a high school recruiter, Elias Creed, who works for a mysterious geological testing company. Cue the dreamy music and soft lighting as he walks in slow motion toward her. Then Elias opens his mouth and Tara laments the fact that the first guy she’s ever been seriously attracted to...is a complete and utter butthead. Still, she can’t seem to shake him, and she and Shelly are both intrigued by the company he works for. Little do they know it’s not a company at all. It’s an academy for those gifted with elemental powers and she’s already been enrolled.
And Elias isn’t Tara’s only suitor. The hottest guy in school--Tucker Adams--has been asking Tara out for the past three years and each time she’s shot him down. Now, he’s finally broken down her walls. But when Elias and Tucker both warn Tara the other is dangerous, she doesn’t know who to believe. When the truth is finally revealed, Tara finds out both men know more about her past than she does, including what caused the accident that took her parents' lives.

February 25
Quinn Loftis Books, LLC
PublishDrive Inc.

Customer Reviews

adrinfol ,


Another great book from Quinn Loftis! A book of friendship through all times, healing over loss, and the greatest thing: love. This book will keep you engaged and fall in love with these new characters.

Emy F. ,

So good!!!

It’s nice to get a brand new series from Quinn that’s completely separate from her others. The spunky banter between Tara and her best friend is heartwarming. To see characters who so easily connect is nice. Plus getting to see a new story based on the elements is always a plus. If you want action, humor, and sci-fi give this a try. It’s totally worth it. You won’t be disappointed!

nomnom81 ,

Love anything Quinn...

I am willingly leaving a review as an ARC reader.

This book is amazing!! Quinn Loftis is is one of my favorite authors! I am picky with who I call “favorite”. This is why reading anything of Quinn’s is so wonderful! Her creations are an excellent example of stories captivating our lives. Quinn is creative with the worlds she creates, which makes it hard to put her books down. When ever I get into one of her books, I have to prepare myself for an adventurous ride, amazing friends and beautiful world that I never want to leave. I love her depth to which she creates. She has great messages in her writing. Her characters are fantastic. I laugh out loud (literally, in public no less), I cry, I swoon and I get caught up in her characters and worlds. Bound by Earth is no different. I felt real pain for Tara’s loss of her parents at such a young age. The struggle for her to navigate her new life was palpable and raw. I felt the sarcasm and annoyance between great friends. Shelly is truly that wonderful friend to keep someone from the pit of darkness. Then there’s Elias... cue the butterflies! Swoon worthy looks and OMG an English accent to go along with it!! The dynamic relationships between mentor and student to foster mom and child are deep and inspirational. I am so excited for the next book. This will be such a fantastic series!!

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