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I always dreaded these family reunions. The ones where my parents would relentlessly try and blend their step families together in some fancy resort location.

But, it wasn’t the gathering that I hated. Oh no. I could avoid that with alcohol and lounging by the pool. It was him; that cocky, masculine, billionaire, whatever of a stepbrother that I grew up with.

He’s driven me wild for longer than I can remember. I just need to avoid him long enough to survive this gathering.

Too bad he has different plans for us. He wants me bound and all to himself.

Fiction & Literature
May 28
Smutpire Press
Smashwords, Inc.

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Alwayzshy ,


Ronnie is on her way to the Pham are union that they have every five years. Ronnie's mom and stepfather have been trying to bring the two families together since they first married. But this area is about to bring new meaning to the word. Go on a hike with Chris, the step brother, and Ronnie separate from the rest of the family and go out on their own. Then they find themselves at the waterfall so they take a vantage of it and go skinny-dipping. Will Chris and Riley finally act on all the flooding they have done for years?

This is the first book in the series. This was a very quick read. I can't wait to read the second book in the series. Kenzie has made it to my favorite authors list. Right now I am on a binge on all the books that I have of hers. I am even considering buying the books that I don't own so I can have all of her books. I recommend this book and maybe series too others.

Mag68 ,

Bound by my stepbrother

By Kenzie haven

Wow hot but not long enough! I was getting into the story and then over ugh!


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