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Bride-to-be Alisa is blackmailed by the best man, Lance, into submitting to his dirty desires - which just so happen to be her wildest dreams, too. What will her husband Adam think when he finds out - and more importantly, what will he do? This steamy, sexy collection contains BREAKING THE BRIDE, TRAINING THE BRIDE, and PUNISHING THE BRIDE.

BREAKING THE BRIDE: Alisa is getting married in a week. But she's been hiding a secret from her fiance for years, one that his best man Lance knows intimately. Now Lance is using that secret to demand what he's always wanted: her submission. Will Alisa give in to his dark desires - and her own?

This 3700-word story contains m/f oral sex, rough sex, and blackmail. Adults only!

TRAINING THE BRIDE: Alisa is about to get married, but the gorgeous best man, Lance, has dirty pictures of her - and if she doesn't do what he says, the wedding's off. Will Alisa give in to Lance's demands and allow him to unlock the submissive side of her? And what will happen when she discovers how much she loves it?

This 4000-word story contains D/s, erotic shaving, humiliation, and plenty of hot sex. Adults only!

PUNISHING THE BRIDE: Alisa just got married, and she can't stop thinking about the best man - sexy, dominant Lance. But her new husband Adam knows more than she thinks he does, and he's about to make Alisa an offer that she's never hoped for - but that she's dreamed of in her darkest fantasies. What will happen on Alisa's wedding night?

This 3400-word story contains an m/f/m menage, oral, rough sex, and d/s games.

Fiction & Literature
April 9
Sabine Winters
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