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Justin signs away his freedom to become a sub at the mysterious Gryphon Club. His training at the hands of the handsome, dominant Tobias is intense and frightening, but it opens up new worlds of pleasure, submission, and pain. Can Justin accept his inner sub and please his master? This bundle contains LEARNING TO SUBMIT, ACCEPTING HIS PUNISHMENT, SERVING HIS MASTER, and EMBRACING SUBMISSION.

LEARNING TO SUBMIT: In dire financial trouble, Justin agrees to become a trained submissive in exchange for everything he needs. But when his trainer turns out to be a man, Justin has to decide whether he can still go through with it. Will he give in to his hidden desires?

Warning: this 3800-word story contains m/m anal sex, rimming, and light bondage. Adults only!

ACCEPTING HIS PUNISHMENT: Justin has begun his training to be a sub, but he's still not sure it's right for him. To his surprise, he loves the sexy feeling of giving his trainer Tobias power over him - but will he still like it when he disobeys Tobias' orders and must be punished for the first time? Sequel to LEARNING TO SUBMIT.

This sexy 4000-word story contains m/m oral sex, spanking, masturbation, and hot dominance and submission. Adults only!

SERVING HIS MASTER: As Justin's sub training continues, it gets even more intense. Invited to a classy hotel, he discovers that he's expected to please two men while his master watches. Will Justin be able to handle two men at once, obeying Tobias' commands the whole time?

This 3600-word m/m/m story contains oral, anal, double penetration, facials, and d/s. Adults only!

EMBRACING SUBMISSION: Justin has been training to be a submissive for the mysterious Gryphon Club. Now his contract is up for auction, and the highest bidder will get to do whatever they want with him - but first he has to show a roomful of men just what he's been taught.

This super hot 4000-word M/m story contains domination, submission, anal sex, orgasm denial, humiliation, and a kinky oral g******g. Adults only!

Fiction & Literature
January 15
Sabine Winters
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