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When TV show host Gina Templeton gets a hot tip about a group of never-before-filmed beastmen living deep in an uncharted forest, she jumps at the chance to break the story. However, as soon as she and her team arrive on location, their guide reveals that in all the years he’s known about the wild men, he’s never seen a female. Will Gina be able to keep her femininity concealed, or will the gorgeous, muscular, terrifying men of the forest figure her out?

Warning: This 5300+ word erotic short story features a group halfway between man and beast, a woman bound, a g******g, breeding, explicit oral and vaginal sex, anal play, a terrified cameraman, an alpha that towers above the rest of the beastmen, and a woman who is far more important than she realizes.


A hand around my ankle, powerful and callused, yanked me backwards from my hiding place and into the air. Dangling there, upside down, my khaki hiking shirt fell to my chin. I tried to push it back up, but as soon as I did, another of the monstrous men snatched my hand and held my wrist.

My first instinct was to scream. To kick, bite, howl and run.

Those feelings from earlier – the heat that rose from the base of my spine as I watched them wrestle – came flooding back. I writhed and twisted, partially because I wanted to get away, and partially because I wanted the savage wild men to think I was fighting.

Maybe if they think I want to run, they’ll hold me down, tie me up, something.

A fist shot out in no particular direction as I thrashed, and thumped against a hard, drawn jaw. What seemed to be a real hay-maker on my end barely fazed the muscular creature who just smiled back, the moonlight glinting off his muscled chest.

Breath caught in my chest as the one holding me aloft shook his silvery hair and let is settle around his shoulders. His high cheekbones and full lips, drenched in shadow but still plainly visible, took me aback. The light dusting of hair over the lower half of his face was less beard and more fur, but even still, I could not take my eyes off him. Something about his severe, powerful face made me yearn for him – ache for him to fill me with his...

And that was the first time I looked down.

Fiction & Literature
January 11
Ashe Land Publications
Draft2Digital, LLC

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