Blue Label Short Stories - Hard Female Dominant BDSM, CBT, and Ballbusting

Bust 'Em or Bite 'Em Again: More Erotic Stories of Ball-Busting and Hard CBT

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The 2nd Bust ‘Em or Bite ‘Em’ Anthology features 8 new and exciting stories of femdom, ball-busting and hard CBT. Like the first, this one explores all sorts of new and wonderful possibilities.

Blaming Ashleigh Madison - When a particularly wicked female sadist surprises her sub with an unscheduled scene, he’s only happy to submit. It’s not until he’s naked and helpless, and sweet CBT slowly drives him to tears, that he learns it isn't a BDSM scene at all. Instead, it's a wicked punishment, one that will ensure he never speaks the words "Ashleigh Madison" again.

A Punishment or a Party – Barry is waiting for his wife to get home for some wild sex. Instead, two women and their friends kick in his door, strip him, and tie him up. While waiting to surprise his wife as well, they use him for their own sadistic sex and CBT. When she finally does walk into their trap, Barry’s still not sure if it's a home invasion or a party. It’s a question they’re only too happy to answer – at his cock and ball’s expense.

Genital Persuasion – Harrison is a handsome U.S. spy. His latest assignment is one of Putin’s trusted aids. Luckily, she likes handsome men, especially when they’re naked, bound, and helpless. After months of covert information gathering and submissive CBT, Harrison’s cover is blown. That’s when a new player steps in and ramps the cock and ball torture up into territory that not even Harrison is sure he can handle.

Punishing the Family Jewels – They’re a young married couple looking for kinky sexual adventure. He wants it really rough. She wants to watch and learn. They find the right dominatrix for the job and sign their contract over a cruel flogging and hard sex that leaves him battered. But it doesn’t take long for everyone to learn just how hard he really likes it, or how much better things get once the safeword’s gone and she’s really able to cut loose.

A Dream of Honey-Buttered Balls – They’re the perfect couple, and her sadistic desires are the ideal match for his love of CBT. When headaches start shutting him down, a weekend outdoors in the open air seems to be just the thing. While he’s off fishing, she comes up with an idea that involves hard sex, a grill, utensils, honey-butter and his balls. Little do they know what surprise waits for them at the end of their game.

Cock in the Crosshairs – Dr. Lacy Everette, M.D., Ph.D., satisfies her sadistic desires by punishing some of her patients’ best parts. When she needs a break from the office, she goes hunting at a club where she can track and torture well-hung, naked men in most any way she can imagine by putting their. The question is, do the bucks have just as much fun being used – and is there a better time in store for the one with the trophy rack?

Daring the Serpent to Strike – They're students moonlighting at the zoo a few nights a week. It isn’t long before kinky sex becomes extreme BDSM. When tit torture and CBT become routine, their experiments become more daring. With new thrills that come with risk beyond their control, they know it’s not a matter of if something will go too far, but when. The only question is: which will fall prey most to the peril, his cock and balls or her luscious breasts.

Do Vampires Call it Foreplay? – A flash of nipples is all it takes to lure Carl into being tied helpless and naked across Rochelle’s bed. She thinks that, had he known her sadistic dinner plans, he may not have been so willing. She’s lured men to her bed all her life; becoming a vampire just made it more fun. But she isn’t the only one with an agenda. Carl knows exactly what she is. Not only does he know what’s in store for his better parts, he has plans for her – and her sexy parts – too.

(Editor's Note: This work contains graphic language and sometimes extreme sexual depictions of consensual female dominant and male submissive bondage and sadomasochism. It is intended for mature audiences only and is not suitable for persons under eighteen years of age.)

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December 23
Darker Pleasures
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