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From bestselling and multi-award-winning romantic suspense author Amanda McKinney comes the second book in the steamy, edge-of-your-seat, three-part series, Steele Shadows Security…

Hidden deep in the remote mountains of Berry Springs is a private security firm where some go to escape, and others find exactly what they’ve been looking for.

Welcome to Cabin 1, Cabin 2, Cabin 3…

Always be prepared, that was Axel Steele’s motto. While his brothers were throwing down at the local bar, Ax was the guy in the background devising the getaway plan. Dubbed “the smart one,” the former special-ops Marine believed in structure and routine, a way of life the universe seemed hellbent on challenging. Amidst a firestorm of family drama, Ax finds a woman held captive in the middle of the woods, and in desperate need of his help. With an armful of tattoos as colorful as her attitude, his new client is his antithesis—a free-spirited, spontaneous hippie that tests every bit of his patience… and his self-restraint.

Erika Zajac has been living life on her own terms since she was just sixteen. But her gypsy lifestyle came to a screeching halt when the horrific past she’d tried so hard to bury came back in the form of chains and cuffs. Suddenly, Erika finds herself under the security—and scrutiny—of a temperamental bodyguard with the emotional capacity of a rock, and six-pack to match. But no amount of brains or brawn was going to distract her from her goal, or the secrets she’d kill to keep.

Deceit, lies, wrath. Ax’s client had them all. The only question was, which of Erika’s deadly sins would she choose? Revenge… or him?

Cabin 2 is the second book in the 3-part Berry Springs spinoff series, STEELE SHADOWS SECURITY—Think of it as Berry Springs' darker, grittier, steamier, BAD BOY brother. Please note: You do not need to read the Berry Springs Series first.

★Awards and Recognition:★

CABIN 1 (STEELE SHADOWS SECURITY): 2020 National Readers’ Choice Award Finalist, 2020 HOLT Medallion Finalist.

THE STORM (A BERRY SPRINGS NOVEL): 2018 Golden Leaf Winner for Romantic Suspense, 2018 Maggie Award for Excellence Finalist, 2018 Silver Falchion Finalist, 2018 Beverley Finalist, 2018 Passionate Plume Honorable Mention Recipient.

THE FOG (A BERRY SPRINGS NOVEL): 2019 Golden Quill Winner for Romantic Suspense, 2019 I Heart Indie Winner, 2019 Maggie Award for Excellence Finalist, 2019 Stiletto Award Finalist, 2019 Book Buyers Best Finalist.

THE CAVE (A BERRY SPRINGS NOVEL): 2020 Book Buyers Best Finalist, 2020 Carla Crown Jewel Finalist.

November 21
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