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A woman with stunning powers. A soldier hiding devastating secrets. Humanity’s best hope.

A year after the disastrous raid left the immortal special ops team devastated, psychic Mica Thomas is driven to get control of her unwanted powers before someone else gets hurt. When tall, dark, and deadly Killian takes over her training, the strangely intimate connection between them grows into an undeniable bond that leaves her confused and breathless. Determined to earn her place on the team, she’s unaware of the eyes watching her every move, but as the body count grows, she can’t ignore the terrifying truth. With new dangers coming from every direction, she has to trust the Primani to survive. But as the clock ticks down, it’s harder to tell the truth from the lies, and the lies from the secrets.

Primani Killian Leahy answers only to the archangel Raphael. Brilliant and extraordinarily powerful, his focus is keeping his team alive to battle the demons who threaten humanity. Evil doesn’t take a vacation and their enemy, Dagin, is upping the ante in Manhattan. It’s all hands on deck-including Mica. Since Sean’s been MIA, it’s up to Killian to keep her safe while her powers grow. His protection takes a dangerous turn when Mica becomes a pawn in the game. Desperate to save her, he reveals his private world of ancient magic and bloody altars. His intentions were honorable, but his blood awakens a destiny he thought long dead.

In this second book of the Primani Series, the Primani are bombarded by shadowy enemies who threaten to tear the team apart. As they battle their personal demons, a terrifying fate is hatching in the tunnels underneath their feet.

Urban Fantasy Romance filled with humor, sexual situations, and intense action sequences.

Series Description: Primani are soldiers with supernatural abilities granted by an archangel. They police demon activity that threatens humankind. Before becoming Primani, all were superior warriors (Celts, Huns, Vikings, etc.) with unique psychic abilities. The series follows them as they cross lines, fall in love, and butcher demons to save the world. Living by a loose code of morals, they’re more mercenaries than angels, prone to violence, vengeance, and in the end, sometimes, heartbreakingly pure love. The first three books follow Mica’s transformation from human to immortal after she becomes entangled in the Primani world. Each subsequent book focuses on the unique story of each Primani as they battle both Hell and their own inner demons. Often dark, funny, full of twists, and steamy passion, the Primani series crosses the lines of paranormal romance, metaphysical fantasy, and occult suspense.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
January 13
Laurie Olerich
Smashwords, Inc.

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