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Timothy Beckon's 'call' this time differs from previous ones since it deals with child theft. He's assigned a case by MAC Security Consulting on the request of the grief-stricken grandfather, a former Washington DC detective who 40 years ago tracked down criminals by looking into the eyes of possible suspects. The only advice Tim receives is ‘follow any lead you got.’ He starts out in one direction only to be diverted to another then sent back to the starting point. Throughout this adventure he's assisted by ex-convict buddy, Petey Harding, as they follow a trail of clouded leads. In Florida, Tim and Petey consult with an empathetic social worker, Robyn Friendy, whose advice rings true during many of our heroes' entanglements. O-town, better known as Orlando, treats them well until they bang heads with a nasty motorcycle gang. About the same time, they team-up with Special Forces Staff Sergeant Natasha (Nat) Hart who escorts them down US A1A and through the beach towns chasing an AWOL US Marine. The Sergeant wants to ‘snatch and grab’ while Tim and Petey just want to ask him a few questions. Further south, they cross paths with a burnt-out mercenary, bumming on a house boat in Fort Lauderdale who ends-up instrumental in their searching. Throughout the story Tim and Petey come so close but so far away from the 'stolen child.' Weeks of frustration get the better of them as they are ready to throw in the towel, they return to O-town only to redirect to W Palm Beach and stumble into a finale of good-doers versus evil-doers. And, let's not forget Tim's significant others back at MAC Security Consulting who have their own travails and mini-dramas.

Mysteries & Thrillers
November 9
Richard E Miller

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