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After striving (and later stumbling) through an armed personnel security assignment, Timothy Beckon gets a ‘call’ for help from a past unrequited love. Teaming up with his condo buddy, Barry Epstein, the pair set out to Reyjavik and circumvent Iceland, during the winter holidays, mind you, in pursuit of a disaffected man toting high-grade explosives.

Why Iceland? Why it’s Westman Islands? Why the mainland’s glacier visits?

Side stories of the MAC Security Consultants staff give readers insight into close-quarter protection, health care fraud whistleblowing, and corporate embezzlement uncover work. And, let‘s not overlook Nigel, Tim’s teen sidekick, who faces trials and tribulations in Southwest DC.

But back to Tim and Barry who pose as tourists traveling Ring Road throughout the magnificent Icelandic landscape, just steps behind their quarry. And, Nellie Finn with her boss/boyfriend, Will Winfred, follow at a distance. Action culminates upon their return to Reyjavik.

The underlying theme of this adventure is dealing with difficult people: an obnoxious addition to the MAC staff, an estranged husband threatening his wife, and a self-alienated engineer perplexing the world with a mass-destructive weapon. Even Tim has to overcome his moody resentment of Nellie’s preferred relationship with Will. He tries not to let that get in the way of finishing this ‘call’ and saving the day.

So, keep your winter caps and coats on as our heroes take on a drove of foreign agents wanting to get their hands on explosives that could change the world. The toughs learn the hard way about icy glacier slopes, secluded plateau tops, and slippery geothermal baths. Spoiler alert: good guys 5 bad guys 0.

Mysteries & Thrillers
December 16
Richard E. Miller
Richard E Miller

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