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A sweet, historical romance. 

Nathanial Carroll has been a thorn in Cassie Bjorn’s side ever since they were children. He has tormented her by dipping her blonde hair in ink, pouring honey into her school bag, and teasing her relentlessly. Now, grown up and more handsome than a man ought to be, Nathanial is determined to make Cassie his wife, although she loathes him with a passion. The task before him is formidable, and Nate will have to make amends for past behavior and court Cassie properly. 

Cassie knows Nathanial as a womanizer and drunkard with appalling manners. Any well-bred young lady would give this man a wide berth, as she has done for years. But Cassie’s mother and Nate’s mother are the best of friends, and they see fit to broker an engagement. To compound matters, an accidental kiss during a shootout sends the town’s gossips into a furor, and Cassie finds her reputation in tatters. There’s only one man to blame for this predicament—Nathanial Carroll.

August 23
Love Lust Story
Draft2Digital, LLC

Customer Reviews

Howling gale ,

Beautiful, but a bit short

At first, i was incensed because what kind of mother pushes her daughter to a man who is a drunkard and womanizing, and even letting them arrest her and paraded for all the townsfolk to see and placed behind bars. Terrible...,but the good thing is the male character mend his ways to prove his love and devotion to Cassie. I also love how the writer wrote this book. Loving and kissing can be so sweet without being too vulgar.

SonjaSB ,


This was such an enjoyable little novel! I adored Cassie. Such a stubborn young lady, but very lady indeed.
Sonja Stover Bracey

Slvilove ,


This book makes no sense. No parent’s would push a drunk & jobless man on any child, let alone one with successful prospects. The attraction is unexplainable as well. She loathes him, yet he says he will never give up trying to get her. He’s awful, but regardless, there isn’t even a flirtation to compound the hatred she has for him. It makes zero sense & is frustrating to read. I didn’t finish the book, so perhaps ALL is explained, yet I highly, highly doubt it.

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