Cat Star Chronicles Bundle

Slave, Warrior, and Rogue by Cheryl Brooks

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Publisher Description

The Cat Star Chronicles have taken the universe by storm, delighting science fiction and erotic romance readers alike with their sensual Zeitithian warriors and their unique special powers.

Now discover where it all started with the first three Cat Star Chronicles books. This bundle includes Slave, Warrior, and Rogue, each story a powerhouse of passion and suspense. Find out why Cheryl Brooks is a star of sizzling fantasy romance and lose yourself in the worlds of her rare and potent characters.


He may be the last of a species whose sexual talents were the envy of the galaxy

Cat is an enslaved warrior from a race with a feline gene that gives him awesome beauty, fearsome strength, and sensuality and sexual prowess unmatched by any other males in the universe. Even filthy, chained, and beaten, he gives off an aura of power and virility and his feline gene gives him remarkable sensual powers.

Jacinth has spent years pursuing her kidnapped sister from planet to planet. Now her quest leads her to a place where all the women are slaves. "Jack" needs a slave of her own—one who can masquerade as her master. Enmeshed in a tangle of deception, lust, and love, they must elude a race of violent killers and together forge a bond stronger than any chains.


Even near death, his sensuality is amazing... She has only one chance to tame him.

Leo arrives on Tisana's doorstep a beaten slave from a near-extinct race with feline genes. As soon as Leo recovers his strength, he'll use his extraordinary sexual talents to bewitch Tisana and make a bolt for freedom...

Tisana, whose healing powers are legendary, already knows Leo's the one who can help her fulfill her destiny... she can't let him get away now. Forced together on a dangerous journey, Tisana must reveal all of her powers, and Leo must give all of himself to gain his freedom...


No woman has ever tamed him before... Does she even stand a chance?

Enslaved for years, Tychar belongs to the Queen of Darconia. His feline gene gives him remarkable sexual powers and every female on the planet is in love with him. Then, the Queen gives him to Kyra...

Does she even stand a chance? Or will she be just another one of his conquests? Why would he choose the modest piano teacher? Yet the two are drawn to each other with a powerful, magnetic attraction unlike any he's felt before... Then the palace is attacked in a coup, and Tychar has to choose between freedom and love...

Praise for Cheryl Brooks:

"Hot, dangerous, and sexy."—Candace Havens, author of Charmed & Deadly 

"Ms. Brooks has a way of carrying the reader off into the stars... I highly recommend this entire series... it is action packed adventure that will draw the reader in and keep them turning the pages."—The Romance Studio

"A series that has thoroughly captivated me."—Romance Junkies

November 1
Sourcebooks, Inc
Sourcebooks, Inc.

Customer Reviews

Shayliz ,


This is $9.99 on kindle people.. Download the app all the books by this author are alittle cheaper.. It is a good series though but they should be ashamed to charge that much $

LegalKC1 ,

Great escapism

These books have lured me back into reading for pleasure! I read so much at work that I did not want to read during my spare time. Interesting, engaging, sexy, funny, and all the things you want when you are not working!! Thanks Cheryl.

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