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After spending time in Ireland, Kent Ashton has returned to America. It’s his chance at a new start, and he’s determined to go all the way to California–far away from his past and the list of regrets he’s left behind. But while in Omaha, Nebraska, thieves rob him and leave him for dead in an alley. That’s when Dave Larson finds him and brings him home so he can recover. As soon as Kent is better, he plans to continue his journey to California.

But Dave’s daughter, Rose Larson, has other plans. She’s bound and determined to make him her husband. Sure, he might protest, claim he’s not the right one for her, that she’s better off with someone else. But she’s not one to give up, and if she has to chase him to get him to the altar, then so be it.

Author’s Note: Kent Ashton was the villain in Falling In Love With Her Husband. He was also the main character in "Kent Ashton's Backstory" which tells his version of events during Falling In Love With Her Husband.

October 6
Ruth Ann Nordin
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drieuxby ,

Loved it!

Love the Larsons--and the connections to Margaret (A Husband for Margaret), as well as the early stories of Dave and Mary Larson, among others. It's nice to have this set in the future, where the heroine is none other than Dave and Mary's daughter. It also humanized Kent Ashton, and showed his remorse about how he treated Ann Statesman (Brothers), as well as giving is a glimpse into Kent's father's greed and how Kent decided to be different than his dad. I'd read another of this author's books in a heartbeat, and would love more about the Larsons. Great read!

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