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Celeste Hall's Seduction Series, in a special edition box set. Stories of the incubus have been around for as long as the vampires and they were just begging to be told. Get all five of her currently available erotic romance books in one convenient collection.

Seduction Series, Book 1
Be careful what you dream...
There are strict laws that have protected his species for eons, created back when they were still the dominant predators on the planet. But there is something about Madison Gray that draws Ethan despite all the consequences. He wants her – needs her – and is willing to risk everything to have her.
Seduction Series, Book 2
Be careful what you dream...
When a savage attack destroys all but two of the queen’s defending males, Kye finds himself slowly starving to death. After an unexpected ambush leaves him dying he turns to the human woman that saved him for more than just a temporary sanctuary, and it will change him in ways that he would never have expected.
Seduction Series, Book 3
Be careful what you dream...
After the betrayal and slaughter of his family, Rico chose the life of a rogue, every moment fueled by pain and rage. He had no intention of ever joining another covey, but was lured in by a young queen in heat. Now he finds himself bonded, and chafing at the restrictions she is placing on him. He is just itching for a good fight but never expected to find it in a headstrong and ambitious young woman.
Seduction Series, Book 4
Beware of dark desire...
When a vampire falls in love with a human, there is more at risk than a broken heart. How do you protect the one you love from becoming the thing she fears most in the world? How do you share your life with someone knowing fully well that your blood carries a virus which could destroy her?
All the Queen's Men
Seduction Series, Book 5
Be careful what you dream...
Syrena was raised by a police man and his wife after she was found wandering the Nevada desert alone as a very young child. That unique bond to the human species nearly destroys her after she reaches maturity and instinctively begins to seek out a mate.

May 1
Celeste Hall
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jaynepimentel ,

Seduction series

I really liked the story line and character development, but the SPELLING or lack thereof is very distracting and makes it difficult to fully enjoy this series. Spell check! Not sure if I will buy more books in this line because of this issue.

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