Cell Block Gods (Small Version‪)‬

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Trevor finds himself an orphan; his caretaker sexually abuses him for years . . . NOW eighteen, he rebuffs his advances, snatched from off the floor, a fight bottles into the bedroom . . . scared out of his mind, he runs out the apartment without any shoes, nothing but the clothes on his back, never to return.

(Max Stravagar is an expert an authoritative on subjects of Modern crime family and crimes against humanity)

Thoughts from the Author: This book will alter your views on the criminal minded individual, which one does not see in a typical crime novel/story and gain insight into the life of a prison life and community.

It is the first to focus on astral projection and young adults growing up in the prison system, and those who are enocent Vs the guilty and at the center ESP and remote viewing plays an important Role, a taboo subject within that world... shakes up what is the norm in most crime and visionary novels.

The e-book narrative and summery of the Story line is a teaching moment, and can apply to your personal life, or career, and easy to read and understand.

(Effectively this Ebook will change your life.)

Trevor Patterson has fallen in love with Kylee a female prison guard, when he hears of an inmate with a terrible reputation trying to kill her, upon finding new evidence against him, Trevor knows he must deal with him before he hurts her or worse, in a fight that led to his death, Trevor is sent to an upstate prison. After he lost his appeal, feeling down he punches an elderly inmate who mocked and laughed at his predicament however, the trap feelings he felt only worsen during solitary confinement and he becomes suicidal . . . going insane from isolation. A guard of aboriginal descent took pity and teaches him how to use his mind to escape his present condition. A fast learner in no time is able to visit his lost love every night through astral projection and saves her numerous times from the jaws of death, this event opens the door to new possibilities and he takes on his fellow inmates cases and champion their causes without their knowledge, who he feels gotten, a raw deal…but will he survive and solve their problems before it’s to late?

Fiction & Literature
December 31
Max Stravagar
Draft2Digital, LLC

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