Challenger: Roleplaying Game Core Rules

Roleplaying Game Core Rules

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A new Challenger is here...

This is a pen and paper tabletop roleplaying game, not a computer game. If you're looking for one of those, I'm afraid you'll have to look elsewhere. I highly recommend the dungeon-crawling German rogue-like "Lost Labyrinth" which is free to download and a purely awesome game.

If you're interested in an RPG game, please read on below:

***September 2012 News***

The new version of Challenger is here! You'll find: new weapon damage, 346 pages and 18 chapters of awesome, a revamped skills chapter, all powers in the game reworked, new classes, and hundreds of new magic items and monsters!

Not only that, there's a new character sheet, a new print version out on Amazon Books, we have over 50,000 downloads in under 6 months, and more.

I hope you enjoy the new revision of Challenger!

--David L. Dostaler
Author, Challenger RPG


Challenger RPG Game Features:

Free, 20+ Races, 30+ Classes, 50+ skills including: specific skills, broad skills, power skills, and special ability skills. GM rolls almost no dice, completely player-driven approach to gaming with a core mechanic using the d20 for attacks and defense simultaneously so combat is faster and more furious than ever before. 2x faster combat than 4E Dungeons and Dragons.

More than 60 Pages of GM advice useable with any system. New rules on stacking monsters, monster subtypes, magic items, a list of monsters for use with Challenger, traps, and rules on non-combat obstacles complete with TN's.

The rules on Base Skills have been removed and clarified. No more must you roll 75 different base skills to start play. It's as simple as choosing your skills, classes, race, 5 powers, purchasing equipment and calculating your stats and you're done!

New rules on armor, equipment, weapons, and improved background powers to further detail your character like never before. Crazy races have been ditched and new races combined to make the rules on races simpler, more flexible, and even more entertaining!

You'll still find the classic traits generator for your character, improved formatting thanks to the masterful Matt Fleming (soon to be included in the game credits) and fantastic artwork by the incomparable L.E.C.D.

Despite the low (or nonexistent) price of this product I've invested hundreds (if not thousands) of hours in its production. I've flown over 1,500 miles and met countless game designers, playtesters, and fellow gamers such as yourself, and I know Challenger isn't done yet. There's still a long way to go but I must thank everyone who helped me. This game would not be what it is today without the invaluable feedback from countless gamers such as yourself. If you have anything at all to say about the game, good or bad, I'd love to hear it. Any critical advice would be even more welcome. Thank you.

--David L. Dostaler

Author, Challenger RPG

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September 14
David Dostaler
Draft2Digital, LLC

Customer Reviews

Mattguy15 ,

Challenger RPG

Overall a good game, but the book is very disorganized, and the level and skill systems take a bit of "creative interpretation", which is a near-impassible block for a new gamer. Great for experienced GMs who are tired of running D&D or similar games and want something easier to run.

Lego dude over 9000 ,


This book (I never read it but it is cool) is a peace of art...

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