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Changing Fate, Book 3 of the Piper Anderson Series: 

To Piper Anderson, fate has always been that unavoidable circumstance that befalls a person. Some people are destined to be happy, and others, like Piper, have a rougher road. Each time she tries to step off her predetermined path in search of happiness, someone or something drags her back to it.  Heartbroken after Bobby allows his own past to come between them, Piper is eager to leave Edenville behind. 

With Jules as her companion, she heads back to New York, the place where it all began, in search of a piece of her history that isn't tarnished. Although finding the truth isn't nearly as difficult as Piper imagined it would be, she can't shake the feeling that what she has discovered may be too good to be true. Can Piper find what she is looking for and finally change her own fate? And will Bobby be a part of her new life?

October 6
Random Acts Publishing
Danielle Stewart

Customer Reviews

Don Wein ,

Changing Fate

A pleasure to read. The continuing story of finding yourself, your friends and family. Once you start reading you have to finish the book. I look forward to the next book in the series.

Frank 1111 ,

Changing Fate

I am a slow reader so when I started reading Danielle Stewart book chasing justice i love it so much that I wanted to read them all. I have just end the last book changing fate. I am a male 56 years old and I did not think I would like Danielle's books but now that I have read them I can say I love them so much. It is books about love faith, friendship,what family's should be about, how God's love heal's everything in it's own time. I am hooked on Danielle books start the next one, keep on writing so I can keep on reading

Dramama82 ,

Totally awesome series

I have read all three books in the Piper Anderson series and I love them all. Danielle has a way of making you feel like you are right there in the room with the characters. I highly recommend these books.

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