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I came to Seattle for the summer to visit Abby.

I came to experiment. To dabble in her lifestyle.

I came because she’s so happy, and I’m jealous.

I’ve tried lots of things at Surrender, except one.

When Kellen proposes I spend two weeks with him, I can’t turn him down.

Now, I’m in his home. I’m his little.

It’s unnerving, and I’m very naughty.

What difference does it make? No one ever sticks around anyway.


I’m not ready to move on after losing my wife.

Plus, Sabine is too green for me.

But I have the time, and I need to put myself back out there.

Now she’s in my home, learning the ropes.

She’s challenging. Why does she defy me so often?

I’m not sure I’m the right Daddy for her.

She needs boundaries. She’s testing me.

And then she takes things one step too far…

October 6
Becca Jameson Publishing
Becca Jameson

Customer Reviews

Mjs4196361564 ,

Trying a new lifestyle

Kellen just going along with life after his wife died. But when he sees Sabine at a club they get together and talk. Sabine has graduated and is working on a book about BDSM lifestyles. After talking to Kellen he tells her about Daddy/little. He had this with his wife and now she wants to try this. They agree to two weeks and them decide on what they want to do. What will they decide? I voluntarily reviewed an Advanced Reader Copy of this book.

Miche426 ,

Romantic suspenseful story you just can’t put down

Sabine decides to spend her summer with her friend Abby
Who is a submissive to three doms Abby lives in a world Sabine has only dreamed about. Sabine is an English major and has always wondered about the BDSM lifestyle. Her friend Abby loves it. This is a great way, far enough away in Seattle that her parents shouldn’t hear what’s she’s doing, and learn more about the lifestyle that Abby is into. Sabine thinks about it and decides to come and do the research to write about the BDSM world.
But what if she decides she likes it. Then what?
Kellen has observed Sabine as she is looking into The aspect of Domme women as well as being a Dom in the BDSM world. Kellen noticed Sabine the first time she came to Surrender, this is the fourth Friday and Kellen knows Sabine is confused. Julius who is one of Abby’s Doms steps up to Kellen and states “Your interested.” No just watching. she’s gorgeous.” “And feisty.” As Julius smiles at Kellen. Sabine is very protective of her friend Abby, she put me in my place in two seconds when I first met her. Concerned the three of us were going to hurt Abby. She’s aware of the lifestyle, but can’t seem to wrap her head around the fact that strong women can submit behind closed doors. Kellen nods, just as I suspected. Sabine not only craves it: she needs it. When she figures it out, she’s going to need someone to train her.
This is The Very Basic Beginning to a wonderfully suspenseful romantic story I just could not put down.

Sasmith361 ,

Becca Jameson writes amazing characters with amazing depth

Becca Jameson writes amazing characters with amazing depth
. Kellen lost his wife to breast cancer and has closed himself off and refused to take on another little. Sabine is a newby at BDSM, but was introduced to it when her friend Abby interned with Beck, Levi, and Julius, and stayed with them as their submissive. Sabine decided to visit Abby for a while and became curious and started visiting Surrender and even tried dabbling in domination. But everyone could tell that she was a submissive through and through (and more specifically a little). Kellen was intrigued by Sabine and agreed to teach her all about being a little, and she agreed to live under his roof and his expectations for two weeks. The only thing they didn't agree on was falling for each other. But will Kellen sabotage everything because he can't let go of the ghost of his wife, or will Sabine be too stubborn to admit her feelings. Great series.

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