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Catherine Berg has always been a strong person, even since she was a young child. The eldest daughter of the town's blacksmith, she is not thrilled about the Century Bride tradition, one that forces the women of the town to compete for the attention of the mysterious Count.

Despite the town's tempestuous past, despite the danger that the powerful Count keeps at bay, Catherine does not believe in the nursery rhyme taught to every inhabitant of the town.

Four our own safety,
So we do not need to hide,
Every century we give tribute,
To Count August we give a bride.

A year before she and the other women of the town are offered up like sacrifices to the Count, she begins searching for a way to oust the archaic ritual.

But when Count August arrives, saving Catherine and the town from the ravages of the marauding vampires, Catherine begins to finally understand the ritual. Will Catherine become the Century Bride? Will she discover why Count August protects her town and why he saved her life?


    "Tale of the Century Bride is a quick read that will appeal to readers of young adult, romantic or vampire fiction."

    "It is a quick read and the story pulls you in and keeps you reading."

    "The story is inventive and gives us a fresh look at the vampire myth."

    "Interesting and thoughtfully written book - just how much would you risk to save your family and friends (all by yourself)?"

This coming of age, historical vampire romance contains some violence and graphic sexual situations. Recommended for ages eighteen and up.

August 5
Susan G. Charles
Draft2Digital, LLC

Customer Reviews

Falcon13af ,

Too many grammatical errors

Demounted when talking about dismounting a horse, upmost when it should be utmost and rouge instead of rogue. I love reading so having to decipher what someone meant is frustrating. Also it's a really odd paced book. More time should be spent on the relationship and building it up.

Pixiestixgirl ,

Revision needed

There’s lots of typos and unfinished thoughts. Some chapters don’t make any sense. I didn’t finish reading this book because I didn’t understand what was happening. I’m glad I didn’t pay for this book.

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