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The Horde took everything from him.
He’s honor bound to avenge his people and take back his palace by any means necessary.
Blane has kept his people hidden from the Horde since the day they came in and wiped out the dragon race, but they didn’t kill them all. Now he’s back, and making a move against the Horde. He’s going to take back what’s rightfully his in a step to wage war against those who took everything from him. The one thing he didn’t expect was to find her instead of the Horde King’s offspring.
Ciara has lived in the shadows and survived torture at the hands of her own father. She’s trained hard to find her place among the Elite Guard. Until she is captured by him…changing her destiny along with it in one fateful night.
Now, she will taste unbridled passion at the hands of her captor, and she isn’t sure she’ll survive the heat of the Dragon King.

July 10
Amelia Hutchins
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Customer Reviews

M.Hedrick ,

Five stars!

Omg! I loved this book! When Ciara was snatched by the surviving dragons, I honestly was worried about her! Blane the dragon king did not sound sane! I shouldn’t have been so worried though! Thankfully she managed a miracle and not only survived, but actually had a happy ending. It wasn’t easy, but Ciara and Blane are definitely soulmates. It just had to be discovered. Five stars!

RoadrunnerReader ,

A truly amazing book

I’m re-reading a bunch of Amelia Hutchins books. I went back to Sleeping with Monsters to get more context. In this book, the Dragon King steals Ciara with the intention of using her as bait so he can take revenge on the Horde for eradicating the dragons in a brutal fashion. Ciara points out that her life has not been a picnic, but he keeps ignoring her protests that she didn’t like her monstrous father either. Also I feel like this is not played up enough, he stole Ciara BECAUSE he was going to steal the babies. When Ciara gets stoned, it’s obviously not good, but if he’d done that to the triplets I would’ve been STEAMING mad. Don’t hurt the babies. The Dragon King has weird beliefs but I have no doubt that Ciara will set him straight. I love Syn! She’s always fabulous.

AlaskanIceMom ,

Loved this book!

The amazing Amelia did it again! I love it!

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