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Coffee Break German helps you learn German using our tried and tested method which combines audio, video and text materials in a structured approach. 


Based on the hugely popular online course, this study pack offers the video flashcards for lessons 1-5, combining the audio materials with flashcards which allow the learner to see how the words are written. Each lesson comes with several pages of notes, additional vocabulary and bonus listening materials. 


Coffee Break German is presented by German native speaker Thomas who is teaching learner Mark to communicate in German. Mark is an experienced language teacher himself and is the presenter of Coffee Break French and Spanish, but this time the tables are turned and he is learning German with Thomas. Thomas and Mark are also joined by our Cultural Correspondent, Julia, who brings cultural insight to each lesson, and our Grammar Guru, Kirsten, who helps Mark and the learners understand the patterns of the language.

This particular volume covers the following topics:


Lesson 1: Hallo, wie geht's?

- Learning how to greet people in German; the words for "yes" and "no"; asking the question "how are you?" and learning suitable replies.


Lesson 2: Guten Tag. Wie heißen Sie?

- Greeting people at different times of the day; asking "what is your name?" and answering the question; an introduction to the formal and informal versions of "you" in German; an outline of where German is spoken.


Lesson 3: Ich komme aus Deutschland. Und Sie?

- Talking about where you're from; asking other people where they are from in both the formal and informal form; the names of some countries in German; greetings from different parts of the German-speaking world.


Lesson 4: Ich komme aus Österreich, aber jetzt wohne ich in München

- Making sentences negative using the word "nicht"; the patterns associated with verbs; the verb "wohnen", meaning "to live"; an introduction to word order; how Karneval is celebrated in Cologne.


Lesson 5: Das ist meine Schwester. Sie heißt Julia

- Talking about members of your family; an introduction to gender in German; the word for "the" and how it changes for different genders; giving names for other people using "er heißt…" and "sie heißt…"


This book is part of a series of eight study packs for the full introductory course of Coffee Break German. The course is being published from January 2013 and as the end of each unit is reached, the subsequent books will be released.

March 27
Radio Lingua Ltd
Radio Lingua Ltd

Customer Reviews

Antakaya ,

Excellent Program

I just finished the first podcast lessons 1-10 and did the book sample lesson. I am very impressed. Previously I had gone through Rosetta Stone and taken private lessons. This is by far the best, and it is even fun. I like the format of learner and student combined with cultural and grammatical information. Danke. Well done.

planejames ,


I work for a German company in the USA. This program along with One Minute German help me get by when I travel there. It is a springboard to the rest of my learning. Appreciate both the cultural and grammar piece as well. Great work to the Radio Lingua team!

plydia75 ,

Well done

I really enjoy learning German with the Coffee Break German program.
The Grammar Guru and Cultural Corespondent sections are excellent and a fun break from the main course, I find myself looking forward to them.
Thanks Mark, Thomas, Julia and Kirsten for a program very well put together.
Ich wohne in den U.S.A. <---- learned that from Coffee Break German
Keep up the good work !

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