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Coffee Break German helps you learn German using our tried and tested method which combines audio, video and text materials in a structured approach. 


Based on the hugely popular online course, this study pack offers the video flashcards for lessons 6-10, combining the audio materials with flashcards which allow the learner to see how the words are written. Each lesson comes with several pages of notes, additional vocabulary and bonus listening materials. 


Coffee Break German is presented by German native speaker Thomas who is teaching learner Mark to communicate in German. Mark is an experienced language teacher himself and is the presenter of Coffee Break French and Spanish, but this time the tables are turned and he is learning German with Thomas. Thomas and Mark are also joined by our Cultural Correspondent, Julia, who brings cultural insight to each lesson, and our Grammar Guru, Kirsten, who helps Mark and the learners understand the patterns of the language.

This particular volume covers the following topics:


Lesson 6: Wie viel kostet das?

- Numbers from zero to ten; dealing with shopping situations; paying for things in cafés and shops; an introduction to German verbs.

Lesson 7: Wo ist das Stadtzentrum?

- Find your way around the town in German; places in the town; asking for directions using a map; word order in German; a tour of the German-speaking countries (part 1).


Lesson 8: Gehen Sie über den Platz

- More places in the town; understanding complex directions; asking for help in German; an introduction to the accusative case; a tour of the German-speaking countries (part 2).


Lesson 9: Ich spreche ein bisschen Deutsch

- Dealing with language problems; saying which languages you speak; an introduction to verb conjugations; language-learning in Germany; the linguistic situation in Switzerland.


Lesson 10: Es hat mich sehr gefreut

- Put everything you have learned into practice with a conversation; phrases for special occasions including "happy birthday", "merry Christmas" and "I love you"; Easter traditions in German-speaking areas; a grammar review of the material covered so far. 


This book is part of a series of eight study packs for the full introductory course of Coffee Break German. The course is being published from January 2013 and as the end of each unit is reached, the subsequent books will be released.

April 13
Radio Lingua Ltd
Radio Lingua Ltd

Customer Reviews

Bryan Langford ,

Excellent quality

I have been extremely impressed with the quality of this production. I am attempting to learn the language as I will be relocating in a couple of months. This program is an excellent complement to the other tools I am utilizing. Key question - when will study packs be available for the next three segments 11-15, 16-20, 21-25)???

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