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Nick Phoenix and Thomas Bergersen combine their unique creative talents to create an eBook that stretches the limits of the genre
* 75,000 word epic sci-fi/fantasy novel with a truly original storyline, the first book in a series of 5.
* Over one hour of live orchestral soundtrack from Two Steps From Hell accompanies key moments in the novel, as if you were watching a film.
* 46 full page hand drawn illustrations from world famous artist Otto Bjornik.

The world of Reanne has a secret bigger than the night sky. It lies buried deep under the town of Vigerock. It lives in the thoughts and dreams of the royals in Nightchurch. It is protected and observed by a mysterious woman named Shore. It is cultivated and revered by the witches of Fire Mountain. It is bestowed upon unsuspecting young men who live out their days as giants, shunned by the lowlanders. Some call it magic or witchcraft, but others know better. Reanne is a unique place in the universe, an outpost the holds clues to the origin of our existence. Colin Frake knows nothing of these things and spends his afternoons wandering Owlfoot Canyon. He is fifteen years old, a lowlander, who is about to be drawn into an adventure of epic proportions.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
June 26
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Customer Reviews

Colin Frake ,

Colin Frake on Fire Mountain

As a fan of Two Steps and a fan of fantasy literature, this Ebook caught my attention. I don't know if there is really anything else like this anywhere. It has a ton of music in it that is as good as any soundtrack I have ever heard. It's really outstanding! We have all wanted TSFH to score a movie and in a sense they just did.
Most of the drawings are absolutely beautifully done. But to my surprise, what really grabbed me is the story. I love the characters and the story is really original and apparently just the first in a series. It moves at a fast pace, but it's not all action. There are some underlying themes and mysteries. It's more adult than Harry Potter, but less dark and cutthroat than Game Of Thrones. This is going to be a movie. I am sure of it. It seems obvious that that is what they are planning. I think history is being made here with this Ebook.

Kevin-LC ,

An incredible adventure

This is a grand epic that has hooked me from the very beginning, I expected nothing less from the masters of Two Steps From Hell, I can't wait to find out where the adventure will lead -from one writer to another

c00piser ,

It is not simply just a book, but it is also Love

First time I saw the post by Two Steps From Hell on Facebook, announcing the publish of an epic novel featuring the work of its two founders, I immediately fall in love in the idea of reading an epic story from one of the best epic music maker out there. Then when the song “Colin Frake” come out and after listen to it, a smile of happiness appeared on my face because I know that I had again found the Two Steps From Hell that I had found in Sky Titans, Hypnotica, Big Sky, Heart Of Courage and many other epic songs. It took me only two days to finish the book and I am confident to say that I love it. An epic novel by Nick Phoenix with fourteen new songs composed by Thomas is a best treat for me this summer. The story is so unique that I guarantee you cannot found it anywhere else. Every pages feel like the book take me one step away from reality and bring me one step closer into the world of Reanne. Even though, the book still holding mystery inside it, making the story never feel boring and keep the reader to read it until the end. Reading the book, I always feel like I am still two steps from one of the best epic novel I had ever read, that I cannot stop to read it till the end. It is so hard for me to write a review without spoiling any detail because I feel like I just want to telling this epic adventure in the book to anyone I meet. All I can say about the book is that when reading the book; when the story reach its climax, you will feel like listening to Winterspell, Archangel and Protectors Of The Earth; when the story become more emotional, you will feel like listening to Blackheart, Femme Fatale and Eternal Sorrow. “Colin Frake On Fire Mountain” to me is priceless because it holding my love for Two Steps From Hell music and I will say that the decision to buy this book is the best decision for you, not only to someone like me, a fan of epic music and epic novel, but also to anyone who want to find some good books to read this summer.

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