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Predictions of romance. Suspicions of conspiracy. Can she uncover the culprits or has true love finally met its match?

Kate Hale hopes her muddled first case with the accidental death department won’t be her last. Sentenced to serve out her probation as a love predictions consultant, she’s determined to complete her next assignment by the numbers instead of by the seat of her pants. After lonely customers are matched with newly dead soul mates, she thinks nabbing the prankster can’t possibly get her into trouble…

But when the supposed practical joke takes a dark turn, she’s torn between her orders to make the problem disappear and her own desire for justice. To make matters more complicated, the hunky policeman who derailed her career is back at it again. And this time, Officer Ian Becker is convinced someone’s out for her blood…

Down to their last strike, can Kate and Ian uncover the conspiracy behind the macabre cupid without losing their jobs and their lives? 

Conditional Probability of Attraction is the second book in The Outlier Prophecies, an electrifying urban fantasy romance series. If you like clairvoyant mysteries, animal magnetism, and spirited humor, then you’ll love Tina Gower’s edge-of-your-seat love story.  

Buy Conditional Probability of Attraction to foretell a rousing fantasy mystery today!

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Sci-Fi & Fantasy
January 30
Smashed Picket Press
Christina Smith

Customer Reviews

Paper Cranes Editing & Design ,

I received an advance copy, and I am voluntarily reviewing this book.

Well after reading the first book in this series in two days, I managed to finish this one in only one day. Conditional Probability of Attraction gives us more of what book one only teased at: Kate and Ian’s possible relationship… and what a tease it was! Kate Hale is throwing herself back into working and being the best actuary in Accidental Deaths that she can be while Ian Becker is the police liaison for her department. During the day, it’s business as usual, but at night Kate still tries to help Ian cope without a werewolf pack. Coping without a pack means that Kate and Ian tend to sleep close to each other at night—part of the many teasing elements in the story—and Kate frequently wakes up with an adorable sleeping werewolf clinging to her. But Kate thinks of herself as a substitute to Ian—just a way of coping and regulating his emotions—so she tries her best to ignore her attraction to him. But when Kate’s life is threatened by a shade, Ian is determined to keep Kate safe without revealing the inner workings of their relationship to co-workers or Kate’s cousin Ali, who lives next door to Kate and can hear the snoring of a sleeping werewolf at night.

What I Liked About This Book Compared to the First One:

1. I was really glad to see more focus on Ian and Kate in this one, even if the romantic tension absolutely killed me.
2. The addition of the character Officer Lipski (Ian’s partner) was a great add-in. He’s very similar to Ali in the fact that he tells everything like it is and sees through Kate and Ian’s charade. He calls them out and tells them what I want to tell them myself most of the time.
3. I deeply appreciated seeing the contrast between Ian and Kate when they’re dealing with people on the job. Particularly towards the end. Kate tries to take things slowly and figure things out whereas Ian is more hotheaded.

What I Didn’t Like About This Book Compared to the First One:

1. I was hoping for more of a continuation on the issues Kate and Ian discovered in the Jack Roberts case in the last book. While this was noted a few times, it seemed to be a relatively minor element in this one. I’m hoping for more of a continuation of that in the next one.
2. I hoped they would visit Jack Roberts at least once in the book instead of just mentioning him. I missed him in the story and wanted to see how his life was going, even though he was spending most of his time in the hospital. Hope to read more about him in the next installment.


I reacted so intensely to these characters—a clear sign of a well-written book. I rooted for Ian and Kate, and I wanted to punch them both when they made decisions I didn’t agree with. Their story keeps me wanting to read more and I can’t wait to tear open the next book—which is what is about to happen right after I finish this review! I give Conditional Probability of Attraction 5 out of 5 stars.

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