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Chubby. Curvy. Funny (and that’s it). Fat.

These labels are often associated with people who don’t fit the mold of what society and social media deem visually appealing and acceptable: being thin.

Through the sharing of deeply personal and life-changing moments, author and body-positivity advocate Paige Fieldsted provides a stunningly honest look at how society and the ones we love impact self-image. Not only does she dig deep into the experiences that have shaped who she is today, she proudly calls upon each person to take action and accountability for how people are treated and perceived.

Confessions from Your Fat Friend doesn’t pull any punches with its honest, funny, and sometimes painful revelations. Those who deal with fluctuating weight will identify with the struggle to conform. The curvy girls in each friend group will relate to the need to shop at specialty stores so they feel more confident in their skin. Most importantly, those who feel as if they don’t belong won’t feel so alone.

Biographies & Memoirs
August 20
Paige Fieldsted Media
Paige Hoffman

Customer Reviews

Chelsy ,

Best body positivity book must read!

The honesty in this book is refreshing and genuine. Looking through her perspective helps anyone reading this to show more compassion and less judgment to anyone society deems “different” embrace the different and make the world better for girls everywhere! It inspires change and thinking outside the narrow minded ways social media and marketing tend to push us to think. Thank you Paige for being brave enough to share some of your experiences so we can learn from them and cheer each other on and love ourselves the way we are!

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