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Heirloom Seeds not the Hidden Hand
This anthology travels through the spectrum of surreal poetry to political reportage. It explores many feelings
over 50 years of experiencing life in ‘the world, our sense of place’. How our values, opportunities, dreamings,
perceptions and living have been engaged, changed, how our vision of ourselves has evolved individually and
as a global collective. The development of society, the manifestation, interpretation, inner relationship to the
‘matrix’ and the effects on Nature and other creatures inhabiting Planet Earth. The modern discoveries have
given us new realities, opened up amazing possibilities, concepts of multi-dimensional energetic beingness ~
interrelated to Consciousness. We have also realized the dominating power of ‘elite’ forces whether historical,
dynastic conglomerations or a new paradigm of a Mad World Order, cabals dictating through controlling of
ideas, propaganda, tyranny, sociopathy, science to super computers wanting to access every entity to regulate
our minds, sub consciousness remotely, automatically without any free choice. The fundamental question of
‘Who am I, where am I from and where am I going?’ has never been more crucial to understand. People
have become aware on different existential levels due to access of information and the future of life itself has
become critical whereby, .1% control 99.9%, six business men have as much wealth as 50% of the poorest
inhabitants of the planet and they’re intent on preserving and increasing their power and so this immense,
disproportionate inequality to an extent where the population of the whole world is becoming enslaved not
metaphorically but in reality both physically and metaphysically. This writing offers an insight into these
‘dualities’ which are intrinsic to life today. It also shines a light on Love, art, culture, morality, survival ~
nature, education, democracy, psychopathy, ideology wisdom, inspirational poetry such as Gibran, Rumi,
the truthtellers fighting the oligarchies, the equal rights activists, Dr Martin Luther King, Julian Assange,
and the unknown fighting on behalf of human idealism. New discoveries are opening the quantum fractals
of our mind, our hologram code not a predictive simulation to be controlled by some intelligence somewhere
tweaking invisible algorithms, our DNA on behalf of their deity, which lives at the World Economic Forum!
Life is simple, sharing loving kindness from the heart ~
Each Fragment of life is sacred, these are your children.
Life Itself
Fundamental Aliveness, leaves on Pachamama’s tree ~
The material extensions, projections of your processors…
After some time your hardware depletes, needs an update.
Your software karmas upgrading the dukkha, pain, desire.
Don’t suffer, uploading the load, take a breath of fresh air.
Always paying attention to your source of sacred creation ~
Do you really like to be abused, enslaved, controlled? No.
Have you lost your humanity? Life won’t be diminished ~
It’s wonderful to see people genuinely protecting other people.
‘The strongest are those who help the weakest to stand up’
Touching a tender moment, seeing a new life being born ~
Out of his Love he carries the potential ~ SPIRITUAL you are.
The beginning of life lives inside you, 3rd eye is Conscious of it.
What kind of human being you are ~ shining light waves

Fiction & Literature
January 29
Sunny Jetsun
Draft2Digital, LLC

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