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Book #1 of the bestselling Consequences series

From New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Aleatha Romig comes a suspenseful thriller about secrets and deception, passion and love, choices and consequences.

Every action has consequences.

Waking in an unfamiliar bedroom in a luxurious mansion, Claire Nichols is terrified to discover that a chance encounter led her into the cruel hands of her abductor, Anthony Rawlings. Claire has no understanding of why she’s there, but it’s been made abundantly clear—she is now his acquisition and every action has consequences.

Learn the rules to survive.

Facing incomprehensible circumstances, Claire must learn to survive her new reality—every aspect of her livelihood depends upon the tall, dark-eyed tycoon who is a true master of deception. Driven by unknown demons, he has no tolerance for imperfection, in any aspect of his life, including his recent acquisition. Anthony may appear to the world as a handsome, benevolent businessman, but in reality Claire knows firsthand that he’s a menacing, controlling captor with very strict rules: do as you’re told, public failure is not an option, and appearances are of the utmost importance. 

Captivate the captor.

To fit together the pieces of the puzzle, Claire must follow his rules. Will her plan work, or will Anthony become enthralled by Claire’s beauty, resilience, and determination, changing the game forever? If that happens, will either of them survive the consequences? 

Nobody ever did or ever will escape the consequences of his choices.—Alfred A. Montapert 

Mysteries & Thrillers
August 3
Romig Works LLC
Romig Works LLC

Customer Reviews

ShyannPepper ,


This was just..... Meh. The characters were boring, the plot was boring. I would skip 50 or 60 pages and still didn't miss anything. You could read the last 75 pages and still miss nothing. He's mad, she's weak, he's a control freak, she's an idiot. There ya go, that's the book. It could've been caviar on a carr's water cracker, but instead was deer brains on a saltine. Even the sex scenes were a let down. Like the batteries dying before you finish. Or discovering that your roommate drank your last beer.

thismanmustbestopped ,

DNF - Giant plot holes defy belief

Stopped reading after Chapter 8 when she went in public with her captor/rapist/abuser and she didn’t alert the press taking red carpet photos of the event that she was being held against her will.

I might understand if he was insanely psychotic and she feared for her life, or if he had actual leverage over her. But aside from the years of stalking (of which she is completely unaware) he has only shown her garden variety abusive and controlling behavior and threatened her with a contract. And the contract? It’s a blank bar napkin with the word “job contract” and her signature. Is she that stupid that she thinks it’s legally binding? Or did she just decide if she can avoid beatings and brutal sex that she might as well get her debts paid off?

A little part of me wants to keep reading just to see where this train wreck ends, but I’m pretty sure I would hate myself after the last page. I would especially hate myself if I actually paid for the second and third books of the trilogy.

Two stars for writing that is decent enough to keep me curious against all reason, sense, and judgement.

frosty 12 ,


Good reading. Will recommend.

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