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[Menage Amour: Erotic Menage a Trois Romance, M/M/F, with M/M, light Consensual BDSM, spanking, sex toys] Harper’s father has issued her an ultimatum—quit working herself to death and have fun, or he’ll oust her as CEO of their company. She thinks hiring Doug to be her assistant and play her boyfriend is the answer to all her problems, until she finds out about his secret. Deep in debt from medical bills, Doug’s parents are losing their home. Going to work for Harper is the answer to Doug’s prayers. Yes, it means pretending to be Harper’s boyfriend. That’s a small price to pay. Unfortunately, it also means he has to say good-bye to Tate, his boyfriend and the man he loves. Tate doesn’t hate Harper when he finds out why Doug went to work for her—and broke up with him. Can he gain Harper’s trust and convince her Doug had good intentions…and that Doug’s contractual obligation can easily become a two-hunk deal? ** A Siren Erotic Romance

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January 2

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WhiteWitch0519 ,

Amazing ménage a trois romance by Tymber Dalton

Harper Wells is the driven young CEO of Wells Technology International, one of the biggest aeronautics firms in the country. She also has no personal life and a potentially life-threatening secret that she guards jealously. Her father, the founder and owner of the company, has given her an ultimatum. Slow down, relax and find a personal life or he will replace her as CEO. With her long-time assistant, Gorden Smith, due to retire in the next several months and the need to hire and train his replacement, Harper doesn't have time for this foolishness. Then an idea out of the blue comes to her, a job fair to be held the next day. She can kill two birds with one stone, or so she thinks. Douglas Holt is in trouble. He's moved back home because his mother is ill and has huge medical bills. His father has missed mortgage payments and is in danger of losing the family home. His sisters can't help. Although he holds an MBA, he's been unable to find work other than as a line cook at a local restaurant. He needs to help his family and he's desperate. While watching TV at home on a Friday night, he sees a segment on the local news about a job fair the next day. Determined to find a job that will help his family, Doug fires up his computer, polishes his résumé, and prepares for a Saturday full of job prospects. When he lands an interview with the CEO of Well Technology International, he's thrilled. Thrilled, that is, until he learns the details of what the job entails, including pretending to be her boyfriend and a confidentiality agreement that keeps him from saying anything to anyone about the details of the job for a full year. Tate Gillis is Doug's roommate and lover. Doug had to leave Tate behind when he moved home to help his parents. Tate at least has a job that pays the bills. It certainly doesn't utilize the skills of his MBA but it is a decent job with good benefits. Doug calls Tate on Friday night to tell him about the job fair. If Doug can find a good job, he and Tate can move in with his parents, pay rent and both help with his parents' situation. Tate gladly agrees. But soon thereafter, Tate is promoted, his salary doubled, with the possibility of going further in the company. It's still not the job of his dreams but can he refuse the promotion? Doug loves Tate more than he's ever loved anyone in his life. But he can't afford to not accept Harper's job offer. He's torn in two because in order to take the job, he'll have to leave Tate behind and he doesn't know if he can do that. Despairing, Doug makes the hardest decision he's ever had to make. He accepts Harper's offer, knowing that it will end his relationship with Tate. Things get very complicated. Doug and Tate break up. Doug and Harper become an item. Later, Harper accidentally learns of Tate's existence and his former role in Doug's life, and has to get to the bottom of the mystery about the two men. She comes up with a plan to meet Tate while keeping Doug away. But then a threat to her company arises that will take all Harper's strength and resources, including both Doug and Tate, to try to overcome it. Tymber Dalton is a master storyteller. I am amazed at her versatility. Contractual Obligation is an erotic ménage a trois that will keep you entranced from beginning to end. I highly recommend Ms. Dalton's Contractual Obligation. I give it my highest rating without reservation! Thanks for reading my review and happy reading!

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