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This book is a bundle of four steamy stories:

1) Under His Total Control
When you fall for someone immediately, how well do you really know that person? That's what Helen is forced to wonder when she finds herself naked, cuffed to a chair in her new boyfriend's basement, completely at his mercy. He asked her to try something kinky, but what happens next will completely redefine her views of trust, sex, and love - if she makes it out at all.

2) Pierced, Punished Pleased
Helen knows from experience that her new boyfriend Mike likes to take things to the extreme in the bedroom. He promises to hurt her, but not leave her permanently injured. But when Helen finds herself tied to his bed, facing a piercing needle and a chastity belt, she'll have to realize that being taken in every hole isn't so terrifying after all.

3) Powerless
Helen has been denied for way too long. She absolutely can't stand it anymore. Faced with a vibrating piercing in her most sensitive place and trapped by a chastity belt, Helen is forced to do whatever it takes to get some relief, even if it goes against her dominant boyfriend's rules. Will she get away with it, or will she end up being punished even more?

4) At His Mercy
Helen knows her boyfriend Mike likes to take things to the extreme in the bedroom. His intense, sometimes terrifying BDSM practices are something she has grown to love. Now, Mike has another surprise in store for her in his basement. But the machine he has built to test all of Helen's holes, not to mention her capacity for trust, is suddenly the least of her worries in this final installment of the Control series.


I met Mike for the first time at the laundromat. Of all the places you can meet strikingly handsome, heart-meltingly gorgeous men, I never suspected the laundromat would have been the place where I met mine.

To be honest, I never suspected I’d meet a man like him at all. But there he was, tossing his athletic shorts into the dryer and casting a grin my way when he heard my cell phone’s ringtone go off; I remember being surprised that anyone who looked like that would recognize and appreciate the Star Wars Imperial March.

It’s kind of like fate, he told me on our first date.

But now here I am, manacled in his basement. It’s been two hours since he left me here, and I’m starting to wonder if he’ll ever come back. The old fashioned cast iron cuffs are chafing the skin around my wrists and ankles, and the stiff wooden chair is still chilly against my naked skin even after being exposed to my body heat.

Fiction & Literature
November 23
Boruma Publishing
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