Book 1 - Montana Strong

Cowboy on My Mind

Includes a bonus novella

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Publisher Description

A heartwarming western romance about a cowboy who gets a second chance with his first love in the rugged beauty of the Montana mountains. . .

Ben Monroe was the ultimate bad boy - and everyone in Haller Creek knew it. But now as a sheriff's deputy, Ben spends his time breaking up bar fights rather than starting them, and staying away from trouble...until Becca Henderson comes back into town. She's just as beautiful as Ben remembers - and just as far out of his reach.

Coming home is exactly what Becca Henderson needed. A place of her own, a successful new business, and a chance to reconnect with the sexy cowboy she had a crush on in school. Ben has always blazed his own path and never let anyone stand in his way. It excites-and scares-her. But when an unexpected threat surfaces, Becca will see just how far Ben will go to protect the woman he loves-and fight for their chance at forever.

Also includes the bonus novella Rocky Mountain Cowboy by Sara Richardson!

Every reporter in the country wants an exclusive interview with chiseled Olympic heartthrob Jaden Alexander - nicknamed the "Snowboarding Cowboy." But only one of them has the easygoing charm - and breathtaking beauty - to knock Jaden off balance . . .

June 26
Grand Central Publishing
Hachette Digital, Inc.

Customer Reviews

Ultra Maga Patriot ,

Cowboy on my mind

I absolutely loved this book. It’s so nice how Ben’s life turned out and the romance between Ben abs Becca was so much fun to read about! I love romance and cowboys and ranches!!!Great book!

Reader@70 ,

Wouldn’t mind this cowboy

The Monroe family is a group of unrelated people yet there is the strongest bond among them all. There are people who have worked for the ranch and never left. There are 3 young boys who were rescued by Mac (HOH) who at the lowest point in his life, took them in and found a way through the foster system to adopt all of them legally. The first book is about the oldest son, Ben. Once a hell raiser is now a deputy for this small town. He has matured over the years and gave his heart away while a teenager to the special woman who has now returned home. This book is so worth the read on so many levels. Romance, suspense, humor. You won’t be disappointed.

777sails ,

Cowboy on my Mind

I just adored this book. The Prologue was so sad I about cried. It did set the stage for the wonderful story though. How three young boys come to live with Mac Monroe and the other men and become a close-knit family. This was such a heart-felt story that I was enchanted right from the beginning. Ben the brawling protector of his younger brothers becomes the hero at twelve to Rebecca when he saves her from being run over by an ATV. Fifteen years later, he becomes a temporary deputy sheriff to the town (just another progression for the bad boy to hero!!)

Ben and Becca have secretly been in love with each other since they were kids. After Becca returns home after college and living away for several years, these two reconnect. Unfortunately Becca's dad, Hank, has never liked Ben and does anything he can to keep these two away from each. There are some great moments in this story that kept me glued to my e-reader. There are some challenging moments as well (I really wanted to slap Hank.)

I loved that the author wrote in a multiple POV format. Being able to connect to the characters because of reading their thoughts was very easy. I look forward to the rest of this series. This book was a great beginning to a series.

The author just eluded to the "bedroom" scenes and really left the reader with using their imagination. I highly recommend this book to anyone.

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