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After divorcing the woman he’d been with since he was seventeen, Nick Fuller is starting over. He owns the restaurant of his dreams and he’s determined to meet new people, find new passions, and experience life to its fullest. Easier said than done—that is, until he meets his new neighbor, Bryce Tanner…

Bryce is all about a good time. He plans to show Nick how it’s done, help him meet a few women, and enjoy the gift of the single life he’s been given. But things don’t go as planned, and soon they realize they’d rather be together than with anyone else. 

Neither man has ever wanted another guy, but there’s a connection between them from the start—a spark they can’t deny. They find themselves navigating an unfamiliar new world and dealing with unforeseen obstacles. Physical desire isn’t enough, and now Nick and Bryce are at a crossroads. They have to decide which way to go; the easy path they’ve always followed, or the one that's determined to trip them up at every turn.

Fiction & Literature
July 28
Riley Hart
Draft2Digital, LLC

Customer Reviews

myownbookshelves ,

Why are you reading my review? Read this book !

I am not going to make you read thru to find this part out: I LOVED this book. It came recommended by a friend that was pretty enthusiastic. I've got to say she did not steer me wrong. There isn't anything different or intriguing about the storyline. It is a very typical romance HEA. So, why am I so over the top in love with this book? It's the writing and the journey you get to experience with Nick and Bryce.

Nick and Bryce meet, become best friends, and slowly realize they have deeper feelings than just friendship. Both Nick and Bryce have issues that hinder their ability to trust and commit. But, the fact they are both straight moving to a same gender relationship isn't the core conflict. Yes, there are issues with acceptance but Ms. Hart doesn't spend all the energy not that typical angsty storyline. I could connect with both Nick and Bryce's dilemmas as they moved forward. I could spend time summarizing the story, but I don't want to spoil any part of the read. Just pick this book up. I will say one of my favorite parts was how the author had the men deal with one minor conflict. Just like men: "I'm sorry." "I know." I love you." "I know that, too."

If you are looking for a HEA romantic read, this story is for you. It's got everything you want. Sweetness, some sadness, funny lines and some very steamy scenes. Thank Riley Hart for such a fantastic novel!

hubbabbubbahhz ,

Destination @ crossroads matters less, your journey is the story…

NOT … your typical scenario, nor a simple romance, as two heterosexual males become acquainted, as neighbors, when each hunk leases a duplex furnished adjacent … “apartment” …
each man will live in his duplex’s side-by-side apartment; - with a logistical-reverse identical floor-plan. The apartments share a large fenced landscaped back yard. Each apartment’s rear kitchen share an open-rear covered post and beam raised “neighborly” back lanai-porch. Each apartment’s adjacent rear kitchen’s sliding glass door opens onto the back shared porch and yard.

NICK has found this apartment, moving into his lease after their divorce is final, from his wife JILL. …… !!! SHE had FILED for the divorce, walking out of their house upon handing NICK the divorce papers … a decade of secrets hiding in uncontested emotional ambiguity … !!!

Thirty-two-year old, a single “player” - playboy, BRYCE TANNER, moves into the adjacent apartment the following day. …… !!! BRYCE, and his girl-friend, CHRISTY, had been dating since high-school, had mutually agreed to a separation and from a marriage commitment - enabling - BRYCE - to enjoy playing the dating game’s whirl-pool of damsels …… !!!

For each adult male - this circumstantial “move” … symbolizes their individual … prophetic … CROSSROAD … neither NICK nor BRYCE can really anticipate … nor deny the consequences … from an initial friendly introduction - affecting their awakening - and ultimate challenges …

Author RILEY HART presents a very unusual twisted unconventional romance … because … “CROSSROADS” … entails surprising, unpredictable … situations and relationships … in the fascinating story illustrating … that - the - DESTINATIONS in LIFE really doesn’t matter; that the multiple CROSSROADS … in life … is the unforeseen … JOURNEY … which each person must experience, and accept …

… an … acceptance of … WHO … “I” … AM …



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