Crushed Crushed
Book 2 - The Rushed Series


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Publisher Description

Some loves can't beCrushed


Have you ever done something stupid? Like get drunk and hookup with a guy because your heart was broken by someone else? Like his best friend. And then done something really dumb, like fall in love with your hookup? Hookups aren't stick-around guys. I'm hoping Dakota will be different. But hoping has gotten me in trouble before.


The absolute last girl I want to see in my court-ordered alcohol and drug information school, the girl who landed me here in the first place, walks in. After we hooked up, I thought I'd gotten Morgan out of my system. So why is my pulse racing? I can't afford to screw up right now. I know I should avoid her. Morgan has a way of messing up my life. But she's the only one who understands.

*** Standalone novel. No cliffhanger. ***

Interview with the Author

Q – What makes Crushed special?

A - I loved college and set out to create a series of new adult contemporary romances that have all the things that make college life, well, college life. Some people describe my books as "real life" new adult romance because the college setting is almost a character. You feel the test pressure, the crunch of fall leaves beneath your feet as you walk up Greek Row, and the roar of a college football game. But you also feel the passion of falling in love and the exhilaration of coming of age and coming into your own as an adult.

I had so much fun writing Morgan and Dakota's love story and adding dimension to their alpha personalities. In Rushed, I portray Morgan as a villainess. In Crushed, I rounded out her character, gave her backstory, and her motivations. I hope the readers grow to love her as much as I did. She's a complex person, but aren't we all? In real life, people aren't always black and white. I don't think fictional characters should be, either. Exploring her depth of character made her a blast to write. She really is the perfect match for Dakota.

Q – The Rushed Series of New Adult Romance is an interconnected series with your Reckless Series, what does that mean?

A –The Reckless Series is a trilogy that follows the same couple, Ellie and Logan, throughout. The Rushed Series books are standalone romances showcasing a different couple each book, with the featured couple from previous books continuing as minor characters in future books. The romances take place on the same university campus during the same school year as the Reckless Series. Many of the favorite Reckless Series characters make cameo appearances. What's even more fun is that the Rushed Series contemporary romances contain scenes that weren't shown in the Reckless books. They're told from the perspective of the Rushed Series characters so you get an outside view of the Reckless faves.

Q - What order should I read the books in?

A – You can read either series first. The Reckless books should be read in order. The Rushed books can be read in any order. If you do want to read the books in the series in order, I'd suggest the following sequence:

For the Rushed Series:

- Rushed

- Crushed

- Hushed, Jan. 28, 2015

For the Reckless Series:

- Reckless Longing

- Reckless Secrets

- Reckless Together

Hope you enjoy them all. And thanks for reading!

January 18
Gina Robinson
Three Jays Press

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