Cyborg Seduction Cyborg Seduction
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Travel writer Lindsey Walters is headed to The Colony on a secret mission to find out the truth—the truth of what’s happening to the warriors who live there. She doesn’t want to go, but she needs the money this story will bring to heal her son. But Lindsey’s not so stealth and is quickly discovered by the warriors. Many want her—she’s a rare female—yet only one will have her. Her marked mate.

Kiel’s mark on his palm is awakened and dream shares with a mystery female—Lindsey. As a Hunter from Everis, he quickly finds her and makes her his. But she can’t stay with him on The Colony because there’s one bond that’s even stronger than that of a marked mate—the love of her child.

How will Lindsey and Kiel be together when the universe is against them?

June 8
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Customer Reviews

Byrdbrains123 ,

Along the same lines of the previous books in series

One question- what's with the dollar signs ($) misplaced throughout this book? Horrific editing or what? Either way it makes the writer look bad. I enjoy the series and look forward to reading any additional stories. What ever happened to the second book/crossover Vanessa Vale & Grace Goodwin started in Wild West and same alien race as Kiel in this book?

R. Manor ,

Cyborg Seduction - awesome book 3 Interstellar Brides

Cyborg Seduction - Grace Goodwin (Interstellar Brides: The Colony Book 3)

Cyborg Seduction is the third book in the Interstellar Bride - The Colony series by Grace Goodwin. The Colony books have been a great addition to the series dealing with warriors who have been banished from their home planets shafted having been captured by The Hive and "contaminated." Forced to live away from family and forge an existence on this new home world they are without hope of ever having a mate and family as fee Interstellar Brides have been sent there (only two so far).

This is one of my favorite books of the series. It's focus is on Lindsey Walters, a single mom who has been bribed to spy on the loony to get the "real story" about the warriors and The Hive. She is made an offer of badly needed money to help fix her son who had been injured in an accident.

Lindsay is unable to infiltrate the planet as an interstellar bride as women with children are not eligible for the program. (This glitch needs to be fixed as there are probably many warriors willing to Mate with a single mom and accept their children as their own.)
Lindsey isn't the bravest of spies she is only a blogger, but agrees to hide in the cargo of a star ship headed to The Colony. I admire her courage , strength and loved that the heroine was a single mom.

Keil is a Skilled Hunter from the planet Evaris. He is the only Hunter on The Colony and his skills are unsurpassed. When he is assigned to find the unauthorized life form that has snuck into the Colony without going through the official transport system, he is beyond surprised to find the mating mark on his wrist heat up. Turns out this stowaway is not a male spy but a beautiful female and his mate.

Lindsey refused to tell anyone on the Colony about her situation and her son. Falling for Kiel with whom she realizes she has a strong bond with confuses her even further. To make the situation even more heartbreaking is that Lindsey also has an Evarian mating mark (apparently has some ancestors from this planet) that has activated,realizing Kiel is not just a gorgeous hunky alien male but her true mate.

The two come together for some hot, steamy love scenes which are also quite emotional as Lindsey feels she must keep her son a secret and will have to leave her true mate and return to earth.
As the adventure, romance and intricate storylines evolve the reader is further pulled into this well developed world and it's inhabitants.
I really enjoyed this fast paced, exciting sexy romantic adventure that also pulls at our heartstrings.
I highly recommend reading this series in order and enjoying all the books in this entertaining enjoyable series.

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