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Two centuries ago, the Imperium of Man and the upstart Tau Empire fought to a standstill in the Damocles Gulf. Now, as the 41st millennium draws to a close, the tau have returned. As the world of Agrellan falls under attack, the White Scars and Raven Guard rush to its defence, but with the skilled Commander Shadowsun leading the alien forces, the Space Marines and their allies are hard pressed. Kor’sarro Khan, Huntmaster of the White Scars, swears that he will win the day in the most direct way possible – by taking Shadowsun’s head.

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Gathered within this anthology are four action-packed novellas focusing on the cataclysmic campaign in the Damocles Gulf. Each tale sheds light on a different aspect of the war and those involved. Towering war machines duke it out on the battlefield, Space Marine and tau philosophies come under question as they clash with ally and enemy alike and hunters become the hunted as both sides try to outwit one another. You even get an insider view of how the Tau Empire treats its human collaborators and uses them as weapons.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
March 24
Black Library
Games Workshop Limited

Customer Reviews

Lord Pious ,

Accursed Xenos!

What blasphemy is this?! Xenos besting the Imperium's finest?! I accuse the authors of these works heretic! Worse they don't even attempt to hide their treacheries, blatantly giving the "tau" a one sided favoritism, while portraying the Loyal servants of the Imperium as savage idiots! But it maters not, for The Emperor WILL have his revenge!
Ave Imperator.

Spec-app ,

Loved it

Really good read!

Batory0022 ,


Maybe for a hard back...but not for an ebook...

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