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The world’s most wanted man is back from the dead. And only one woman can stop him…

Former Army linguist Lucky San Ramos escaped with her life, but the scars an evil terrorist leader left on her skin are a constant reminder of her captivity. Now her tormentor is back—and so is the sexy Special Operations soldier she once loved.

HOT operator Kevin “Big Mac” MacDonald rescued Lucky the last time. And then he walked away when he couldn’t be what she needed. When Lucky married his teammate, Kev knew it was for the best. But now Marco is dead and Lucky is no longer safe.

When Kev and Lucky team up to capture a terrorist, they’ll have to pretend to be man and wife on an explosive military mission to a war-torn nation. With time running out and the fate of the world hanging in the balance, Kev and Lucky play a perilous game of cat and mouse with a madman during the day.

But at night, they battle the secrets of the past and the sizzling attraction that threatens to endanger the mission. Lucky shouldn’t want the man who abandoned her once before. But the passion between them is sinfully, sensuously, dangerously hot… and proving impossible to resist.


Book 1: HOT PURSUIT (Matt & Evie)

Book 2: HOT MESS (Sam & Georgie)

Book 3: HOT PACKAGE (Billy & Olivia)

Book 4: DANGEROUSLY HOT (Kev & Lucky)

Book 5: HOT SHOT (Jack & Gina)

Book 6: HOT REBEL (Nick & Victoria) 

Book 7: HOT ICE (Garrett & Grace) 

Book 8: HOT & BOTHERED (Ryan & Emily) 

Book 9:  HOT PROTECTOR (Chase & Sophie)


Book 1: HOT SEAL (Dane & Ivy) 

Book 2: HOT SEAL LOVER (Remy & Christina)

Book 3: HOT SEAL RESCUE (Cody & Miranda) 


"...one of those must read black ops series that is as good as Maya Banks & Cindy Gerard!" -- Just Plain Sassy

"Seriously is there a hotter series out there in this genre? Because if there is, I don't know about it. I have loved these books from book 1 and they are only getting better and better not to mention hotter!!!" -- Goodreads

"The sexy, bad-ass, hotter than hot, more kick-ass then 007 and Bruce Willis ever will be men of HOT are back!! Once again the author has created a masterpiece filled with loads of action, drama, intense passion, guns blazing, car chasing, fight to stay alive, uncovering of secrets and mind-blowing awesomeness." -- Contemporary Romance Reviews 

"The Hostile Operations Team is back in action and things just keep getting hotter!" - Bodice Rippers, Femme Fatales and Fantasy

"This is an intense book - plan on undivided reading time for the last few chapters (I had to put it down and it just about killed me!)" - Kame, The Book Queen Blog 

"This is an amazing military romantic suspense read and wonderfully written. I highly recommend this book - so give it a try!" - Twin Sisters Rockin' Reviews 

"You know what I love about the HOT series, besides the hot, alpha, smart, loyal and brave military men?? The kickass women they end up with." -- Goodreads

"...great 4th novel in this wickedly good series and it is filled with lots of action, drama, angst, and oh did I mention the steamy filled scenes that will not only scorch your panties, but leave you begging for more.... Can't wait till my next fix, in what I will once again declare is one of my all time favorite series..." -- Goodreads

"Another hit, by Mrs. Harris. This book has it all!" -- Goodreads

April 6
H.O.T. Publishing, LLC
Lynn Raye Harris

Customer Reviews

Anaxkolasi ,


Kev has had a thing for Lucky since he first met her a few years ago, but he didn’t feel he could give her what she needed so he stepped aside and let his best friend get the girl. Now he is forced back into her life on orders he doesn’t want or agree with. Lucky’s life has been a struggle since she suffered a very traumatic event, and on top of that her husband was later killed on a mission with HOT. Now she is being recalled to active duty to help find a terrorist, and forced into close proximity to the one man she can’t have. Will they be able to keep their feelings under wraps and stay at a distance? Will their guilt and past issues cause problems in their current mission? This was another enjoyable read from this author.

SweetAssJazzee ,

Dangerously HOT

Awesome read‼️I have
decided to order the series. Love the code names of each operative and I'm excited to read their story. I give this book 👍👍 up‼️

LittleHelenn ,

Racist Line.

The storyline was good, captivating and interesting but this line really threw me off. It read “Her hair was more brown than gold, her skin olive whereas theirs was milky pale.”
What's wrong with brown hair and darker skin? Seriously? Being white and blonde is so much better right? Please choose your words wisely unless the book is made for a particular audience. Otherwise, I liked the characters and how the story flowed but the hidden innuendos in some lines are just plain wrong and biased.

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