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It's been months since Rain had to question everything and everyone she knew when she and her family were put in danger. Now, she's moved on and is about to marry Logan. Yet, even though everything seems to be going right Rain still expects the worse. It didn't take long for things to go wrong. Rain eventually has to figure out how to get over the greatest loss anyone has to endure; the loss of a child. The question is whether or not she'll actually be able to get past the loss. Can one child fill the void that the loss of another child creates? Rain also has to deal with more deceit in her wolf pack, as well as more ghosts from her past and ghosts from other's past as well. Rain and her team have to figure out which ghost is more dangerous and needs to be taken out first. She and her team also have to deal with corrupt officials from every agency coming for them. With enemies new and old, deceit in her pack, family and friends being threatened, dealing with her heritage and all that comes with it, and training the new members of the unit, Rain has to try to navigate around all the moving parts while simultaneously keeping all her loved ones safe before tragedy strikes again. With every success Rain has, failure seems to follow. Will this success lead to the ultimate failure? Can Rain stand by and follow the directions she was given by her grandmother and let loved ones get hurt in order to protect other loved ones, or will she not listen to the advice given to her and try to save the people she loves, ultimately putting family and friends she loves in more danger than if she would have listened and done nothing? Can she stand down and watch as the people she loves get hurt? Could you?

Fiction & Literature
March 4
Rebecca Winters
Smashwords, Inc.

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