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The second novel set in the Old Republic era and based on the massively multiplayer online game Star Wars®: The Old Republic™ ramps up the action and brings readers face-to-face for the first time with a Sith warrior to rival the most sinister of the Order’s Dark Lords—Darth Malgus, the mysterious, masked Sith of the wildly popular “Deceived” and “Hope” game trailers.

Malgus brought down the Jedi Temple on Coruscant in a brutal assault that shocked the galaxy. But if war crowned him the darkest of Sith heroes, peace would transform him into something far more heinous—something Malgus would never want to be, but cannot stop, any more than he can stop the rogue Jedi fast approaching.

Her name is Aryn Leneer—and the lone Knight that Malgus cut down in the fierce battle for the Jedi Temple was her Master. And now she’s going to find out what happened to him, even if it means breaking every rule in the book.

Features a bonus section following the novel that includes a primer on the Star Wars expanded universe, and over half a dozen excerpts from some of the most popular Star Wars books of the last thirty years!

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
March 22
Random House Publishing Group
Penguin Random House LLC

Customer Reviews

elenachk ,

The Best!

The book is amazing and Darth Malgus rocks! A bit overpriced but it's worth it!

Sdbyoung ,

Incredible and beautifully written

Kemp's style of writing keeps the reader engaged and on the edge of their seat through this entire book. One of the best Star Wars books and stories I've ever read. His action scenes incredibly detailed and exciting. I can't wait to read more of his books. Well done.

Charizard4Prez ,

Dramatic and Grounded (a spoiler-free review)

Within the setting of the galaxy-spanning conflict engineered for BioWare’s massive online multiplayer game, Star Wars: The Old Republic: Deceived is a well-told and personal struggle for survival and identity. It fleshes out the characters and events surrounding the shocking video game trailer of the same name, where the Sith Empire ransacks the Jedi Temple on Coruscant. It succeeds in keeping the story grounded through holding to a limited cast of characters, all of whom are unique. The story’s Jedi is far from what one might expect. The primary Sith pictured on the cover, Darth Malgus, stands apart from the hoard of scowling villains wielding red sabers who tend to occupy and strive to conquer the galaxy. And right in the midst of the clash between dark and light is a solder/smuggler with his own complexities. Deceived, at its best, is a study in the grey area in between right and wrong.

The novel stands alone without much knowledge of the Old Republic’s particular setting. A reader uninterested in playing the video game can enjoy this one. There’s little doubt that this book would serve as a good primer and companion piece to the online gaming experience, but as a story it is good nevertheless. It’s good, but far from perfect. In particular, Kemp’s writing never stands out as particularly impressive. His use of language tells the story and gets the job done.

Deceived was worth the money. It’s rare for a single novel to develop its core characters as quickly as this. It’s far from the top of the list of must-read Star Wars books, but it does deserve a place on at least a similar list of books worth the reading experience.

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