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DreamGATE ...a place where your inner reality meets your outer world. Where you come face-to-face with the deeper truths behind your dreams. 

Bozon, a shadowy hacker, has created an algorithm that sees connections in that huge cascade of random digital data. That algorithm has pulled out of that digital noise the signal bits that give us momentary glimpses of someone called Farah.

Bozon claims access to a huge swath of the digital data swarm... on official and non-official channels. Assembling some of those moments into video episodes we begin to find out about Farah. We don’t know much about her (or Bozon), but her dreams unnerve her and now they’re encroaching on her waking life.  Is she dreaming or are those shadowy characters following her?  In “Decision Point” we meet Farah and the other Dreamers, getting a glimpse into the world they live in, a world that may look eerily familiar.

Volume One of the DreamGATE Chronicles Takes full advantage of iBooks’ multi-touch capabilities. “Decision Point” tells a compelling, interactive story, inviting you to see your world in a whole new way. Readers, young and old, can let their curiosity follow the hints and clues--including video, background sound effects, audio quotes, and a glossary--that reveal the story behind the “story.” Every reading, and every reader, tells the story in a new way.

This is the first in the multi-part multi-platform series, The DreamGATE Chronicles.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
January 10
Lucid Dream Atelier Inc.
Lucid Dream Atelier Inc.
Grades 8-17

Customer Reviews

Pleiku37 ,


Very exciting to see the story line and the interaction going on. The scenes and cool narrator carry the story. We need more of this type of books.

Alicynpackard ,


Interactive and exciting, this dreamlike book has a lot going on. Great experience!

VinBurd ,

A beginning?

The first chapter, or maybe a prolog, to a story that already looks like it has a lot going on -- quantum mechanics, Firesign Theater, Joseph Campbell, the "All Greeks are liars paradox." We'll see what's next. Hope it's as meaty as this.

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