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With “Numbers & Chaos”, the hacker/leaker known as Bozon is releasing the third “installment” from the story he calls the DreamGate Chronicles. We’ve already met Farah, in “Decision Point and “Seeing Things”. We know that her world is shifting under feet, and her dreams are blurring into her waking hours. Like Farah, we are being pushed to see more fully that reality that’s just beyond our sight.

In Volume 2, it became clear that Bozon is at least as much of the Chronicles story as Farah. He’s the one who built the algorithm that pulls together, out of the chaotic flow of global data, the little chunks of non-random bits that make up Farah’s story. But because it is his algorithm, it may be his story as well. And his way to make all of us “watchers”.

In Volume 3 we will see a Farah who is

Starting to face the “unintended consequences” of her prodigious math skills--like the financial bubble that is fast approaching implosion. 
Unable to ignore those “security” cops and cameras that always seem to be wherever she is, watching ... her? Everyone?
Not sure if the “gates” she sees in her dreams are ways out ... or ways back in.

And watching it all is Bozon. And us.

Taking full advantage of new multi-touch capabilities, each volume of the DreamGate Chronicles tells a compelling, interactive story, inviting you to see your world from a slightly altered POV. Readers, young and old, can let their curiosity follow the hints and clues--including video, background sound effects, audio quotes, and a glossary--that reveal the story behind the “story.” Every reading, and every reader, tells the story in a new way.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
July 23
Lucid Dream Atelier Inc.
Lucid Dream Atelier Inc.

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