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Kizzy sees dead people, but she’s a thief and talking to dead folks is about as useful as a three-legged horse. The Dragos clan booted her out when her year’s take was a lousy five hundred and sixty credits. The only way back in is to pull off a million-credit heist. Alone.

When Kizzy’s jobs as a roadkill collector and medical test subject goes south, she decides taking Montezuma’s gold away from an Indiana Jones wannabe is the ultimate heist.

The snag? The Indiana Jones wannabe is Ethan Jones, a dangerous Coletti Warlord. Now that she’s caught his attention, he’s determined to capture her as his prize. Can the ghost whisperer defeat the big, bad Warlord?

January 4
Gail Koger
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Another fun adventure!

Another fun adventure!

I think what I like the most about these books, aside from the humor, is the low-stress-ness of the story. Yes, this is a sci-fi romance and yes, there are graphic details and yes, people get eaten, but from the hero and heroine's standpoint, there's nothing to worry about.

Unlike other heroines in the series, Kizzy was rather flawed. She couldn't accomplish the psychic feats she should have been able to, given her heritage, and she knew that about herself and was forthcoming about this flaw as much as she was remorseful about it. In spite of the unrealistic story line, that detail made her more like a realistic person. But, hey, she could talk to the dead, and that was pretty cool!

I also enjoyed the "epic quest" vibe in this book, or having to track down clues to find the big treasure. I also enjoyed being reunited with characters from other books in the series.

Bottom line, if you're looking for a truly fun series that will make you laugh out loud and wholeheartedly root for the good guys to win, then THIS is your series!

(I received this book in consideration of my honest thoughts)

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