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When you get hit by it, you will know.
Aubrey Tanner is married to her work. With her recent separation from long-time boyfriend and the town’s most eligible bachelor, she definitely isn’t looking for love. Working in her bakery keeps her busy, feeds her the town gossip, and pays the bills, all that she needs… At least until she finds herself under attack with no way to save herself.

You can’t see it, but it takes your breath away.
Tate Manning travels where the leads take him, like a tourist town with a bakery full of sugary concoctions, the sweetest of which is the owner. In the right place, he pulls her out of harm’s way, allowing him to see through the town’s sleepy veneer to the crime running beneath the surface. Worse, Aubrey is unknowingly in the center of it all, and he can’t bear another innocent to be lost on his watch.

In that moment, love changes everything.
Neither Aubrey nor Tate expects the temptation the other brings nor the complications. Aubrey must choose between the man that held her heart for years or the stranger who saves her from a bad situation. Unfortunately, Tate brings with him secrets and an agenda. How will he choose between his mission of revenge and the woman who chases away the darkness?

August 4
Renee Lee Fisher
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Customer Reviews

Ryatsko ,

Beautiful told, full of drama and suspenseful

Beautifully written, full of drama, and suspenseful twist...
Told in the third person, sometimes for me had to follow..
Page turner, wanting to know what will be revealed...

(Each character has their story to tell....)
Aubrey a baker owner and baker, who keeps herself busy...
Tate a stranger, who seems to be there when needed the most...
Emerson a local town hottie, who has secrets....

I love the connection between Aubrey and Tate..

Loji701 ,

Brilliantly Written!

I have never read any of Renee Lee Fisher's books before, but I really enjoyed this one. The setting for this book was highly relatable to me and felt like the town where I grew up in many respects. I found myself, at various points throughout the story, wondering what would happen to Aubrey and Tate as events unfolded. This is one of those stories that is incredibly gripping and puts you in the front seat of an emotional roller coaster.

Derailed takes the mind through a wide array of emotions : suspense, happiness, and sadness. The characters are all incredibly well developed and help make this book so emotional and deep. The encounter between Aubrey and Tate really set the stage with what seemed almost like something meant to be. I found this to be one of those rare books where you could go back and read again, and get even more insight. There are so many deep signposts and symbols to be found in these pages. I could read this again and ponder so many things with the likelihood of getting insight that I missed on the first read.

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