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I ran from him, even though my heart knew better.

Love was one thing, but survival another.


He chose a life of crime.  I never wanted any of it; I only wanted him.  I left when the danger bled into my life, taking more than I was willing to sacrifice.

I should have known he'd come for me.  Men like him always get what they want.

The temptation in his eyes, the heat of his touch . . . it's all still there, but his gaze is harsher now and his grasp unrelenting.

He's not the boy I fell in love with, although pieces of what we once had are still there.  I can feel it.

I know what he wants from me, and I know it comes with a steep price.  I'll pay it though, if for no other reason than to touch him again.  Just once more.

I'll close my eyes and forget about the risks that come with this life and with him.  I only hope he doesn't do the same.


Desperate to Touch is book 2 in a series.  Hard to Love must be read first.

Fiction & Literature
October 8
Willow Winters Publishing LLC
Willow Winters Publishing LLC

Customer Reviews

Szmoromou ,


OMG Willow Winters, OMG!!! Desperate to Touch was everything I expected from Willow Winters and so much more. Laura and Seth's story continues from Hard to Love. Seth and Laura shared a past that set their heart and soul on fire but also brought so much pain and regret. Regret for the decisions and choices they made and how those choices changed them both in the end. Now that they have reconnected, the innocent and carefree love that they once shared is long gone. In its place is longing desperation, and revenge. Seth wants Laura to submit, and feel the loss that he felt the day she walked away from him. He wants to make her his again, but on his terms. Laura knows that she can never stop loving Seth and wanting him, but she struggles to give him complete control and letting go of the guilt she owns for the part she played in it all.
Seth's past haunts him and he knows that the truth is catching up to him. Especially when he starts to encounter messages from Marcus who is always one step ahead and always in the know. So, when he finally reaches his breaking point and he reveals a truth to Laura, what he feared the most comes true. He might just have lost her forever. However, danger is always lurking in the shadows and when Laura is once again threatened Seth is there to save her. Only this time Seth finds himself in the greatest danger of all.

Xcvxvxbdbbd ,

Not bad

The problem with this series is, I feel there is too much fluff in the books to stretch them out and charge $20 to reach the conclusion. Each book is 4.99 and only a few chapters are interesting. There are too many flashbacks that I feel the author uses to fill the gaps. Each book is left on a cliffhanger.... I don’t care for that at all.

Mikie99 ,


Wow. Push, pull, fear, mistrust, desire, commitment and giving in. I’m left speechless once again!! Intense and profound - just doesn’t get better than this!

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