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It started with a kiss.  A single kiss that shook me to my core.  A kiss to silence me, and a kiss to numb the pain.

I took his hand and in turn, he took me away.  I thought when we ran away, we’d never have to look back. 

I was wrong. 

I think Sebastian knew, and so did I, that he’d be pulled back into this life one day.  There was no way we could have gotten our happily ever after.  Scars don’t ever fully go away, and this sinful place is etched into our flesh.   

I don’t know how I’ll ever forgive him for bringing me back here.  Even when he kisses me the way he does… no kiss can take away this pain.  

He’s still my everything, but I don’t know how we’ll survive this.

A Kiss to Keep is an extension of Chloe and Sebastian’s story, A Kiss to Tell.  Although it can be read on its own, it’s recommended you start with A Kiss to Tell.

Fiction & Literature
August 1
Willow Winters Publishing LLC
Willow Winters Publishing LLC

Customer Reviews

Kat Dunn ,

Chloe and Bastian are back!

As an absolute fan of Willow and the Cross Brothers, I fell in love with Sabastian and Chloe. While they left, they have never been far from my mind, and while Chloe may not be happy to come back, Sebastian knows this is his world and they both belong here. I liked that Bastian is finally letting Chloe into his world, yet it may be dangerous.
Their book was one I read in one setting and devoured every word and emotion. Willow manages to write so that you feel you are in her books. You see the pain, their happiness or sadness, and the driving force that makes them who they are.

Szmoromou ,


A Kiss to Keep is a glimpse of Chloe and Sebastian's life as they return to the one place they said they never would. Sebastian and Chloe had left to make a better life for themselves; but when their lives were once again placed in danger, Sebastian knew he had t return to the Cross brothers. A lot has brewed while Sebastian has been away. He knew in order to keep Chloe and his unborn child safe he had to return, plus Carter needed him. It is hard for Chloe to come back to the one place she never wanted too see again. However the love and commitment she has for Sebastian is undeniable, and as much as she hates being there, she knows that she would do anything for him. Sebastian has been carrying the burden of who he is and what he is capable of for far too long. So when Chloe reveals she knows the truth about events that have happened years back, Sebastian finds himself sharing so much more. What is clear in this short story is the undeniable love that Chloe and Sebastian have for one another. I wanted more.... I love Chloe and Sebastian's love and commitment to each other. They are both the other's air they breath and the hero they both have been searching for far too long in their lives. Well written Willow Winters.

2g3 ,

Great quick read,

I can’t wait to get the next book in the Sebastian and Chloe love story! Their story is one of a sweet love that seems delicate in the middle of a turbulent storm until you see the amazing strength in their bond that has held them together from the very beginning. I love the way Willow writes her characters. You become so invested in their story. While they may be supporting characters in one book, once written you become so engrossed in their story that you wonder why you didn’t realize you were missing a huge piece of the puzzle. This is a super fast read and an excellent continuation of their story.

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