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The Hermit: Illuminate the secrets

An unexplained package.

A good friend missing.

And within hours Caitlin Connor and her trusted Tarot cards are deep in the thick of things. But she’s not alone. Caitlin, Hannah, and Ebba, a powerful trio of witches, will need the Tarot and their Wiccan skills to expose the secrets behind the Alaina’s disappearance.

Except someone is watching. Someone who doesn’t want Alaina to be found.

And the police can’t help for twenty-four hours.

The Devil: Look beyond the obvious

A photograph.

Two women missing.

And Caitlin Connor is once again up to her pretty neck in danger and intrigue. An ethereal message has her bumping athame-first into the Hawaiian mafia, where she discovers more questions than answers, and plenty of trouble—namely an unidentified corpse

Hannah swears she saw one of the women alive, but did she?

Two of the three women can’t be found. One is dead.

It’s time for Caitlin, Hannah, and Ebba to trust the Tarot.

The Tower: Shatter illusions

A medium connected to the dead woman.

A forced marriage.

And Caitlin Connor finds herself going toe-to-toe with not one, but two Mafia families, who just happen to be fighting over the same parcel of land. They’re willing to eliminate anyone who stands in their way, including Cait and the women she’s trying to protect.

The police need solid proof for an arrest, and the only evidence Caitlin, Jace, and Everly have is leads from Tarot cards, and conversations with a corpse—none of which is admissible in a court of law.

Until Caitlin faces the killer. And discovers a new dimension of her midnight energy.

Mysteries & Thrillers
February 5
Amentino Publishing
Amentino Publishing

Customer Reviews

Sue Hanson ,

Very Entertaining

If you have read the first three episodes of the Caitlin's Tarot: The Ola Boutique Mysteries, then this is the installment of the last three episodes. Just like the first three, this set is just as fun and entertaining! I love all of the characters in this set of books. They are very well rounded, quirky, and always kept me guessing as to what they would do next. I definitely recommend this. Loads of entertainment! Happy reading.

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